Vision of a Beast

By Words and Dreams

April 2, 2020

In the early morning, I saw an ugly vision. I could not hear anything.

It was very dark. There was a terrible explosion. It looked like the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb or it could have been a large volcanic eruption. There were grey and black clouds of ash and smoke everywhere. Some, hung above the ground while the ground itself couldn’t be seen. The scene of explosion moved to the back, left of my sight except for the low hanging ash and smoke clouds…these stayed in the foreground. Then, from the center of the ash and smoke in front of me, its profile facing left, rose the body of a large, black beast/dragon/monster. It seemed to be made up of smoke and ash. It gave off horrible feelings of hate and anger. The beast got up strangely. Its four legs, body and tail stood up first. It had a long neck, like that of a dragon. The neck and head stayed down while the rest of the body got up. Then, slowly and gingerly, like the head had either been asleep or injured, the head came up. Finally, the head was completely raised up (the head was fine) and the beast seemed very triumphant and threatening now. Its mouth opened, like it was roaring.

It was awful to see and I was thankful not to hear the roar. I asked internally if I could stop seeing this vision and instead see beautiful Mother Mary. But, no, the scene kept going. I understood internally this was what I was to see at this time. The feeling was like when a parent has to give a child medicine, but me as the child still didn’t want to take the medicine.

After several more minutes of seeing this, I prayed the St. Michael prayer and about halfway through the prayer the vision ended.