Message from the Eternal Father

By Words and Dreams

April 16, 2020

I have an uneasy feeling today. I’ve been unsure to share a draft post from about a week ago. I don’t know why sharing this particular message has me uneasy.

Please, whatever I share, pray for discernment about and remember what the Church advises on private revelations.

Why uneasy, child? Why so little faith?

Because I am unsure it is You speaking. How do I keep from being deceived by the enemy if I have no spiritual advisor?

It is right to seek Me. I will be found in the quiet of your heart. Some messages will not be easy. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you always. He who deceives cannot be in His presence (Holy Spirit). Also call on St. Joseph to help you. His steadfastness in the desert when fleeing to Egypt he will teach you. There is no reason to fear. Remember he believed and trusted in Me, the Father, even when others near him would not. (I got the sense that St. Joseph had to endure ridicule and lost friends. And, like Mary his wife, he kept these sorrows in his heart and offered his sufferings up to God. His trust was complete, even when he was asked to give up all that he knew.)

I want shared the gift of Spiritual Communion. Too few of my children seek me here or in Holy Adoration. Can’t you see Me still on your TVs and devices? Why am I left alone? This is a precious gift I give to you. My only Son still suffers bitterly the loneliness of the Cross each day when He is not (righteously) adored in the Eucharist. Go to Him. Those who are lost will find great comfort there that cannot otherwise be satiated. Too many of My children do not realize this time is one of loss, yes, but also a time to no longer be lost.

Do not be afraid to write. Few will believe. Fewer still trust in Me.

Trust in Me, those who read. I find comfort in your willing hearts. Bring others to Me, even if they ridicule you for My Namesake. Blessed will you be. Time is short. Work quickly in My Vineyard, trusted servants. Do not fall asleep or stray.

Those reading, remember the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena. Remember the many sacramentals, scapulars and gifts from Fatima/Fatima prayers. Remember the Holy Rosary. It is a powerful weapon against the adversary. Bring peace into your homes through Me. Honor Me in your homes and pray with your family. Even if you are alone, you are not. Ask the saints and angels to pray with you and be your companions. This makes them so happy. Where two or three are gathered My Name, there am I in their midst. This could be with the angels and saints too. So no one is ever alone. Remember your guardian angel. Two. Gathered in My Name. Call out to Me. Mother Mary will help if you do not know the way.

Do not be afraid. I, the Father, am with you. I love you and bless you, my dear children.