I had a dream...

By Words and Dreams

April 23, 2020

I had a dream in which I was being falsely accused of witchcraft, that I had made nails on a cross move without touching them and I had put nail holes in a statue of Mary without anyone seeing it happen. I denied it, explaining I would never hurt religious artifacts. The accusers escorted me into a small room and left me there while they went to get someone else to interrogate me. The moment I was left alone, I fell to the ground in a trance. And I heard a message during this trance within my dream.

The message was, “And the winds will howl. And the winds will howl. Storm after storm. Hurricanes, tornadoes. But you will be safe if you remain in My Heart. Being enclosed in my Sacred Heart is like being in the eye of the storm. No harm will come to you.”

In the dream, winds were blowing fiercely all around me but not touching me. I could see newspapers flying around with reports of natural disasters from around the world.

The people accusing me did not return, and I woke up shortly afterwards.