Don’t let anxiety direct you.

By Words and Dreams

July 24, 2020

Me: Are there any words tonight Lord? Do not be afraid, I am with You. I have called you each be name. I love you and you are Mine (from the song “You Are Mine,” by David Haas).

Lord God Almighty: Hear that dog barking?

Me: Yes.

Me: The dog is no longer barking.

Lord: You are restless again, child.

Me: Yes.

Lord: You haven’t been silent enough to hear Me. You bark and wait when you should lay down and obediently wait for your Master. Be in prayer this whole time waiting. It isn’t time lost or neglected, but you are rushing your conversations with Me. Your prayers are conversations. Please do not just go through the motions and say the words. Love the words you say. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with this. It is easy to pray when the Holy Spirit is first asked to guide your prayers. The Composer knows His tune and can make even a child’s prayer-indeed especially a child’s prayer-a symphony/ consonancy of hearts beating to which the angels sing and dance. Yes, child, the angels can dance. Angels can sing. Angels can pray. Angels can bow down before Me and do. Angels can do many things. Ask the angels for their prayers. It is a dark time, and they can guide you with their light. You feel them more now, no? Doesn’t it make sense that as the darkness grows, so too would the light become more visible? Remember I am separating. Dividing the wheat from the chaff, yes, but you will also see a separation of light and darkness. This is why I call so heavily for repentance now in this late hour. You cannot be of both the light and the dark. You must be of the light, children, or you will be lost. Do not be left outside the gate with the barking dog. Wait patiently to be let in by the Master and rejoice in His Presence. Remember the ten virgins and their lamps of oil? Yes, be wise for you do not know the hour the Bridegroom will return.

Lord: Yes, you seek protection. First seek protection of your soul through constant prayer. Heaven and Hell are forever. Repent and prepare your soul.

Lord: It will become even more important you follow My Spirit’s prompting. It is not a mistake or your imagination those feelings to do this or not go here. Don’t let anxiety direct you. This comes from the enemy. If you feel yourself being anxious, this is a sign you need to be in prayer. Ask for guidance. It may not be immediate. Trust in Me. Trust in your Lord. The peace I will you is there. Place yourself in the Palm of My Hand. If you are too weak, it is okay. Think of My Mother Mary’s face. She will guide you. Think of the strength of St. Joseph. He will hold you if need be and carry you to Me. My Heart is open. My Son’s Heart is open and invites you in. Use your imagination and picture them. Picture My Sacred Heart in your mind’s eye and visualize yourself being placed into the open wound of my Son’s Sacred Heart. (It was like both the Father and Son were present saying this). Feel. Ah, you are at peace now. Consecrate yourself everyday. If the words are a struggle, picture it. The devil will try to take you away, but my Sacred Heart is your safety. He cannot find you there. You have rest there. Yes, you must go forth into the world. I need your help for the salvation of souls. Yes, I will use you, child. Haven’t you said you will be my instrument? I choose as I please. I choose all of you, my children of the light. You all have your vineyards that are Mine that I have asked you to tend to. Search your heart right now. You know, don’t you? So simple to have the Holy Spirit upon you. Pray the Holy Spirit Novena if your are struggling with what I have asked of you. No, I do not need help. I am Almighty. But this is how I choose, and I am not to be questioned. Think of the simplicity of a babe being born. But also think of the amazement of a babe being born to a virgin. A babe that is truly God. How the beauty of the simple story can confound the enemy who tries so hard to twist and tie. His knots are undone by a Virgin. So, simple children, be like the Virgin and give Me your yes. Seek Her Counsel and that of St. Joseph. The angels will light your way. Do not fear the enemy. Only fear displeasing Me with your inattention. Truly I say to you before the night completely falls, you must tend to My vineyards. Spread My Word. Glorify My Name. Be at peace. Your peace will be an example, a light for all to see. You will be an example to all nations, a city on a hill. Yes, do not be afraid. I Am with you. I have called you each by Name. Come and follow Me. I will lead you home. I love you and you are Mine. (The Lord ended by saying the same song lyrics I had started out with from”You Are Mine,” by David Haas.)

Me: Thank you, Lord. Thank you for letting me hear You. I was afraid I wouldn’t hear You anymore. Thank you. I know it is such a gift and a responsibility. Thank you. You are All Good. Come Holy Spirit. Please be my guide. Amen.