Wars and Famine are Imminent Now

By Words and Dreams

August 12, 2020

Me: Dear Lord, thank you for all of your graces and blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. You are truly Good and I love you. Do you have any words I am to write? I feel overcome with peace. It is amazing! Thank you. I know this is You. (Humming song by David Haas) I love you and you are Mine.

Lord Almighty God the Father: Daughter, why so long since you have been quiet? The things of the world will fall away. The peace you feel comes only from Me. You cannot seek it in the night, in the darkness. The children will run to and fro in this time. How you need to hug them and keep them safe. They cannot know the path if there is only darkness. Show them the way by your example, my children, my people of the light. I expect you to testify to the Good I do, the God I Am. You will have no time for foolish errands if you are to make it inside with the Bridegroom. Time is short. The angels are battling. You can feel the disturbances sometimes, yes?

Me: But I feel such peace now?

Lord: The angels have won a battle today. Please fast for the coming Assumption. That feast will bring many souls to Heaven. You can add your helps with prayer and fasting.

Me: What battle?

Lord: A battle of Truth. Someone who didn’t believe now believes. Even one is a great victory and celebrated here. Don’t you see? Like the lost sheep, we celebrate (a non-believer who now believes). That is why you feel such happiness. I have allowed you to feel this euphoria like the angels and saints do when we celebrate a found sheep. “Praise Be to God!” they sing.

Me: Thank you, Lord. Who is it? Who believes now? Do I know them?

Lord: We are all sisters and brothers in Christ, young one. Do you know your own toe?

Me: Haha! What? My toe?

Lord: We are all One Body in Christ.

Me: Oh, okay. Lord, I don’t think I know my toe. That’s so silly.

Lord: My child, Jesus talked in parables so simple ones could understand the Truth. People love stories you see and this makes learning easy. You are simple too, so I talk simply to you.

Me: Do you have a story for me? For us?

Lord: You have many stories given to you in the Word.

Me: Yes, you directed me and my family to yesterday’s Gospel about letting the little children come to you (Matthew 18:1-5, 10, 12-14). Thank you.

Lord: So few read the Word. Spread the need to read the Word daily with all of my children. The little ones especially need to hear. Sit them on your lap and read to them from my Word. Mothers and Fathers, you have a duty to teach your children. Do not fail in this and allow the children to run to and fro without guidance. This will be punished. These children are Mine and in your care. Do not forget your place is to serve Me by serving them. For those of you without chidren, it is your place to pray. Pray especially for families who are under great attack. Continue your prayers for the priests sons who are under attack. Pray for helps against loneliness as you do not want to fall into despair. Remember the helps of the angels and saints. They are your friends who want to help. They will comfort you.

Me: Oh, Lord. I feel the peace fading. No.

Lord: It is like Peter on the water. Why do you doubt?

Me: The weariness is setting in. I still feel peace, but I also feel very tired. Why?

Lord: Surely you know you are at battle? My angels are keeping attacks away, but your prayers must be constant. The enemy deceives and looks for openings. Sometimes this is as easy as a text interupting your prayers. Think of how noisy your world is now. This isn’t a coincidence. You have to work so hard for basic necessities. This is to steal your time. But if you consecrate yourselves daily to My Jesus’s Sacred Heart and Mary’s Immaculate Heart, you negate the devil ploys of stealing your time as you dedicate all your day to Me. Make sure your day is one worthy to be given as a gift to My Son and His Mother. A child’s artwork for his best friend/brother and mother may look simple, but it is highly treasured by the receivers. So too should you approach each day. Do not give slop. So as a friend and mother treasure artwork done out of love, so too they recognize sloppy, uncared for work as the friend and mother know the child so intimately. So too I know you. It doesn’t matter if your daily duty is to sweep the floor. Do it with love, and it is a great gift! Do it with love and talk to Me about it, and you won’t be lonely or unhappy. Ah, so simple. How complications come from the enemy. Look to the simple. The story is not hard. A Father loves His children and wants their love in return. You get the choice of how your story will end. I always like happy endings myself.

Me: God, are you teasing me?

I hear a gentle laugh at this because He is telling me a simple story like I asked of Him earlier.

Lord: Oh, child. Make the stories happy by being joy each day. Each hour. You cannot change that you are in the world, but you can work for the betterment of your brothers and sisters who are so far away. Yes, you think, but what about my own soul? Surely I say to you, those who lose their lives will gain it and those who seek their lives will lose it. Loving your brother and sisters in Christ will only help you.

I tease to put you at ease, little one. I allowed the grace of feeling My Happiness (and Heaven’s) over the found sheep to put you at ease. The darkness is growing as you know and the wars and famine are imninent now. But you can still know peace and joy. Indeed, you need to. How else will the lost sheep know Me and My Way if my children are not examples of the light? Call on Mother Mary to help. Remember St. Joseph and all the saints. Remember to pray for guidance from your guardian angel.

Me: Lord? My toe?

Lord: For the least of my people will be first. A little toe, little one, is often seen as nothing. Be like a little toe. Be humble. Remember when you hurt your toe and the pain it caused? You couldn’t walk. This illustrates how something as insignificant seeming as a toe still impacts the larger body. This is why a lost sheep found brings so much joy. We are all connected through and in the Body of Christ. One person’s pain spreads. The Church is diseased now and suffering. How this pain spreads to my sheep. How my sheperds have forgotten their duty to go out and look for the lost sheep.* I will clean my bride, but, sheperds, it would be wise of you to come back to your duties. Ask forgiveness and return to the folds of My Cloak. Ask Mother Mary to wrap you in Her Mantle. This will protect you.

Little one, go in peace now. Invite Me to your day. I look forward to our time together. In everything, be of Christ.

Me: Thank you, Lord. I love you.

Lord: Be at peace. Love and serve Me. As you serve your brother and sister you too will be serving Me.

*I got the impression He meant many of the sheperds but not all.