Pray for Guidance from the Holy Spirit for Enlightenment

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August 24, 2020

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Message from Our Lord

Me: Humming… Come follow Me. I will give you rest. (Be Not Afraid song by John Michael Talbot)

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Death is at my side, but you God are my Sheperd. I shall not want. (Taken from Psalm 23.)

Lord, are there any words?

Lord, God the Almighty Father: You are anxious, dear child.

Me: How can I not be? The workload (I have) is nuts.

Lord: Remember the devil wants to steal your time from Me. You are right to come to Me in prayer. Give your anxiety to Me.

Me: Lord, please take away my anxiety and this feeling of being so overwhelmed.

Lord: The confusion of the world will get worse. You are hearing of more and more troubles. Do not fear these times but stay with Me. It will be easy to be lost.

You are not forsaken. You are not forsaken. I will not abandon My children even if they feel Me not. I am with you all. Do not abandon Me.

So many will dispair. You will hear of more suicides and desolation. I do not want this for My children. Be of the light! Ask Mother Mary to guide you to Me, to My beautiful Son. In His Sacred Heart lies your rest. Be not weary. Pray much for your brothers and sisters who do not know the way. Be a light on a hill for them. (I began to feel doubt at how I can be a light for others.) You think you are too much of a nothing to do this? You are not a priest? No, but you are My child. Help your brothers and sisters.

Me: How, Lord? How do you want us all to help? I know prayer. But I can’t go on the street corner and preach. They will think I’m crazy, and that’ll drive them away.

Lord: You are in the world, yes. But you are not of the world. My Holy Spirit will guide you. Each of My children has a different task, so I cannot say do this or that through you now, prophet. Each one of My children will need to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit for enlightenment on his or her calling. This is why you must encourage the Holy Spirit Novena. It is not too late. If you haven’t started it, start today after reading this message. If you have, remember to ask for guidance each day. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers to the Holy Trinity. What a beautiful circle! We are all One. We know what you need. Remember to ask. To pray. Ask the angels and saints for their helps too. It is so simple. But so many have forgotten to pray, even how to pray. So many have forgotten My Word. (Sadness). You read Ezekiel, yes? (Ezekiel 34:10-16) How the Sheperds are scattered and lost, and so I must intervene. Rejoice! The Good Shepherd is I, and I will lead you by My Own Hand to pastures green. You live in a time like no other before it. Though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death, do not fear. I am with you! I am strong I Am. Do not doubt or like Peter you will sink into the sea.

Yes, you must be about the world. Your struggles and fights I see. They may seem trivial, but know there is a larger purpose. You can feel the restraints of the antichrist more and more, though you do not see him yet. Look at how more and more of your every day is controlled closer to home or even in your home. Do not fear! Consecrate your home to Me. See, little one? It is so simple. Make your home a temple and the devil cannot enter. These trials you face I allow to make you stronger, to refine you because time is short. But no harm can come to you (spiritually) if you are Mine.

Be still. So few are still. I will have the sheep lay down in green pastures. See, you need to come to Me to find rest. Seek Me in the Word. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and dedicate your prayers to the Holy Trinity. There is no reason to fear. When anxious, remember to pray. If you feel rebellion in your heart at this, and some of you will, call out to Mother Mary and St. Joseph for help. You are not alone. But My Ways are not the ways of the world. You are simple and understand little. That is My Way. You are a child. Do not be angered because you do not understand. So many of My children get angry and blame Me. This is a child’s response. Like a child dropping a toy, I am not to blame. But call on Me to mend and comfort you. I will not always save the toy. This is not My intention. This is not My focus. You are, sweet children! But often the child cannot see anything beyond the broken toy. Does that make sense, little one?

Me: Yes. Thank you for talking simply to me. I feel so dumb sometimes. I don’t understand a lot of the Word I read. It’s really hard. I feel abandoned by the Church. I can’t go to church (mass) without a ticket and my family circumstance won’t let me go into a building like that. Maybe I could go alone, but not with my family. What are we to do?

I’m sitting outside and the cicadas are extremely loud as I wait in the (relative) quiet for an answer. It is a long while, and I’m not sure I’ll get an answer.

Lord: Read My Word. Stay in the Truth. Be faithful. Know you are not alone. Remember not to judge. That is My Place. You can be sad without being judgemental. I will feed My sheep. Remember Spiritual Communion and prayer groups. Look for My Blessings and give thanks. These will help your loneliness in the Church. My children are scattered but must remain in the light of the faith. Do not be afraid. Follow Me and I will give you rest. The path will not look like you expect. Do not trust your own eyes, but rely on the Good Shepherd to guide you.

Me: Thank you, Lord. For this time. I’m sorry I have to go back to work. Will you please join me and guide me, Holy Spirit?

Me humming: I will give you rest.

Lord: Daughter, spread the word. My Words come first. You have a duty and an obligation to be My prophet. God first in all things. Thank you. I love you.