The rest will crumble and fall.

By Words and Dreams

November 19, 2020

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Me: Lord, I’m a mess. I can’t seem to keep myself open to your Words. Please forgive me my many sins. Please help me to listen. To pause from my day, from my unimportant tasks and focus on You. I don’t deserve to hear any words, nor have I ever.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, you are to write. Continue on each day and offer up your journey to Me. What makes you think your tasks are unimportant? Didn’t I set you about your day, in this place and time? There is no other you. I made you mine when and where I want you. I do not make mistakes. Do not think yourself a mistake. This is a graven mistake, my child. A lie by the enemy. What purpose do you have? These thoughts are lies. Yes, you must be humble, but humble before your God. You are my child! Be thankful and joyous to be so! Be humble, yes, but do not despair. Even the wind has its duty set by Me, Almighty God, to blow where I say so. Do as I command, little one. You are to write. Do not neglect this.

Little children, you are so precious to Me. Cling to Me and My Holy Word. Listen as I speak to you through my Holy Word. And yes, through my prophets dead and gone and with Me here (in Heaven), and beside you still are the modern day prophets who suffer much by your lack of confidence and faith. Each prophet speaks the truth in what I give them and teach them. Not all prophets are from Me. Some (false prophets) are meant to distract you and lead you away from Me. Discern so you are not tricked by false prophets. You will know them (true prophets) by their humbleness and grace. Do not fear. Stand strong on the Foundation of my Holy Church. For my Foundation is my Holy Son, (and) no more. The rest will crumble and fall. Stay true to the teachings of My Son, the true Magisterium of the Church. Do not fear the falling away but pray much for your brothers and sisters in Christ. They need your prayers. So easy to lose the path now. Pray for the priests, my favored sons, they will be tempted. Some are already lost. Pray for their return! Pray for humility and grace to rain down upon them as gifts from Heaven to carry them through the dark night. Peace! Peace, my children. You must fall on your knees before Me and pray and honor your King who has been much neglected and rebuked! This generation is an evil generation and much hellfire will fall upon it. Do not fear. You who are my children remember Psalm 91 and I will be your God. Remember though the mountains may fall and the hills turn to dust, my Love will still stand. And I will have the Woman crush the head of the beast. And you will no longer be the prey of the serpent, little children. Have faith for My Son has already bought you Eternal Reward. You need to stay faithful and fervent in prayer and fasting so you can rejoice at the feast that is already set. Be the invited guest who is called and answers the call of the Lord.

Thus says the Lord! Be at peace. No harm will come to your eternal soul those who fear and trust in Me. But you must be my children and not wolves in sheep’s clothes, saying you are my children and are not.

Be at peace.

My note: I didn’t post this right away because I was concerned that I heard “Psalm 91″ and some of the other words because I’ve seen/heard them in other places like a line from a song and a phrase from another person’s message. While I’d never purposely copying anything, I was worried maybe I subconsciously remembered reading them and maybe wrote them here. I prayed on it and let it sit for some time. I asked for a sign even. The morning after receiving these Words, I saw the words Psalm 92 and 93, but nothing more. About a week passed with nothing, and so I asked again about if these words were just my memory. I got a quick, we even stern reply, ” Who are you to edit (Me)?

Feeling pretty sheepish, I’m finally putting out this message. I added a few words in parentheses but that’s it. Please discern carefully. Pray and discern. Please if you don’t mind say a prayer for me too. I’d appreciate it. But especially please remember the priests in your prayers.