Beware these lies and distractions of the world

By Words and Dreams

July 7, 2020

Thank you Lord for this time with you. Thank you for my family and loved ones. Thank you for the sun and the ocean and the mountains and the breeze. Thank you for the rain and all the good things you give.

I have been anxious with work and the pandemic. I’m worried about getting sick and if I’ll have to quit to not get myself or my family sick and if I were to quit, how I’d feed my family and how we’d get healthcare. I know I’m to fight against these feelings and rely on You and have joy in my heart. Well, I’m struggling. I know live for the day like Matthew 6:21-34 (I had to look this up afterwards to be sure I had it right. What I had been thinking was Matthew 6:25-34. But I found it interesting I had included Matthew 6:21 when talking with God, which I didn’t know. It says,”For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” and later these words treasure and heart are mentioned in the conversation). But I’m struggling. Please help me. Please help your children who are scared…even if we’re trying not to be.

Come to Me. Come to Me (in Eucharistic Adoration). You are tired and will not find rest in the ways of the world. The hours grow dark. You are more distracted now, child. Your restlessness is because you neglect your time with Me. Do not rush your prayers. Do you rush a conversation with a friend? How would that friend think of you if you hurried your talk with them to play on your phone? Discipline, child. Discipline in the little things. They are important. As a Father I will love you despite this (He has an everlasting love). But you will be the one who misses out. My gifts go unopened. I wait for your praise and thanksgiving. Stop focusing on the ways of the world. Your head moves up and down as your focus moves from Heaven to Earth and back again. This is tiring and not productive. Keep your gaze on Heaven. Yes, you are in the world. You are to serve here, not in isolation but making your voice known amongst the people. So many grow more confused. My prophets need to call out in the desert. This call needs to be clear and unafraid. They will know you because of Me. I will work through you. Do not be afraid that you don’t know how or understand (My Ways). That is not your place. Your place to to be my instrument. Thank you for this. (How humbling that God would thank me, a no one!)

Ah, see how important humility is, little one? You need to learn this.

Yes, Lord.

You are weak. This is not a mistake. I do not make mistakes. This allows you to trust in My Omnipotence. I can give and I can take away. Love from Me isn’t an earned love. So many young ones struggle with this. Your world says only this or that deserve love. Nothing could be farther from the truth! These are lies from the enemy meant to steal you away. Beware these lies and distractions of the world meant to steal your time. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to Your Lord what is His. Why do you give so much more to Caesar? You give to thieves in the night who come to steal your oil. What will you have left when the Bridegroom comes? Guard your time and your treasure (which is the temple of your heart, which is (to be) Mine alone). So silly are you (this is said with love, yet seriously.) You treat nothing as something and something as nothing and Your God as a visitor instead of Your God.

Feel your heart now. It is peaceful, yes?


Are you worried about work and tomorrow and the sky falling into the sea?


But it may? (The sky may fall.)


So what is the difference, child?

I’m talking to You.

Is that all?

Well, then. Isn’t that your answer? It’s not difficult. (Again, I feel like a young child being taught a lesson not with reproach, but with love, understanding and even bemusement).

Ugh. Why is it so simple with You and then so hard later? Oh, I just said it didn’t I? When I feel anxious, I’m not talking to you. But I can’t talk with you all of the time (I don’t hear God always. I never know when I will or won’t.)


I can, can’t I? Prayer. But all of the time? How?

Just invite Me to be part of your day everyday. Share with Me. Talk to Me about what makes you happy or sad. Sit in silence with Me when you’re lonely. I can guide you when you get angry on what to do. I can make your work light. You have crosses to bear, but even crosses have their purposes. Think of how people use weights to grow their muscles. Crosses are weights on Our Hearts. (I found it amazing and beautiful and so loving that He said Our Hearts here.)

Why wouldn’t I, Child? (See He knows my thoughts!) My only Son suffers ongoing on the Cross due to the sins of man. Your crosses help comfort Him and Me since We are One.

You feel you are unworthy of a cross like your Jesus? Of course you are unworthy. (Bemused, happy laughter). Oh, daughter, don’t You know Me? You can never be worthy of My Love. That is why it is freely given! You are beautiful because you are Mine. All the world I make in My Image. I do not change. I am Artist and Creator.

It is a great honor to receive such heavy crosses. Look at the saints. Did they not suffer? Can you think of one that didn’t carry a cross? No?

I bless you.

It seems funny to be blessed with pain, Lord. To have worry and anxiety as bedfellows.

Be careful not to confuse crosses with evil. Fight against the enemy by giving that to Me. He runs from my Name.

Daughter, go attend to your family. I will be here.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for talking so simply to Me. I need it. Amen.