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July 10 and July 14, 2020

July 10, 2020

I had been reading about the possible return of children and staff to America’s schools while the pandemic isn’t contained at all. I believe this will lead to sickness and death.

I prayed out to the Lord to save the children. How could this happen that the lives of children don’t seem to matter?

I heard:

How is this any different than how things already are? (Abortion in America).

I am dividing (like wheat from the chaff). The face of evil will be easier to see now. Use this as a gift to help you discern.

How will we stay alive?

You won’t. Didn’t I say you would be persecuted? Why are you not believing?

(This response shook me greatly.)

I just didn’t think it’s be so soon and like this. I thought it would be for being Christians?  (No immediate answer.)

I got to thinking why aren’t we hearing the Catholic Church step in (and speak out about schools reopening when it is dangerous, and help the most vulnerable of our population during all of this, etc). Why are so many religious leaders being silent? Why are so many religious leaders drawing into themselves instead of going out and helping the people and bringing the Sacraments to the people?

Remember it’s not your place to judge. I am doing these things so you can see and discern more easily.

I am calling on my shepards now, but few hear Me. Few will give back to Me what I have given to them to give to My sheep. They hold the gifts and do not share. (I got the feeling of immense displeasure. I had received another message about praying for religious and was given a prayer for them on the June 27 2020 post. But now with this message I got the feeling it wasn’t only because they are in danger and it wasn’t only because the rest of the Church members need them to minister to us like I was thinking before. They also need our prayers for their own souls. They have taken on a sacred task and will be held accountable like we all will be. I am reminded of the parable of the talents, and they have been given many talents.)

Use your time wisely. Be in prayer. Call out to Me as the storms intensify but remember to be with Me even if the winds calm. So few remember Me in their reprieves. But now it will be like labor pains moving more closely together. Find time for Me always. I am the only peace you find now. You notice when you leave (prayer) how oppressive the air is. This isn’t your imagination. Consecrate yourself daily to My Son’s Sacred Heart and those of the Holy Family. Soon you will not be even able to reach out (your hand) and not find darkness. Consecrate your homes and vehicles and wherever you go. Say prayers for protection especially against being deceived. This is the time of the false prophets. Discern by calling on the Holy Spirit in prayer. Many will be easily led down the path easy when the rocky rugged way full of struggle and crosses is the True Way. (I was interrupted during this last line and may have as a result worded it incorrectly. There may also have been more to the message that I didn’t get.)

*Personal commentary: I was confused about God dividing when shouldn’t we be uniting in prayer and not fighting one another? I finally received the understanding that both of these are true. We look to the Good, the God, in others and love our neighbors. But we cannot condone evil either (like the Beatitude: abdomish the sinner). This is loving our neighbor too. God is exposing the hate and evil more now so we can discern how best to serve Him. We do not judge. He does this. Evil is dividing people against people and doesn’t care who is fighting whom so long as it sows discord. God is separating the wheat from the chaff.

July 15, 2020

Your sleepy child is here. I feel dizzy and tired since I didn’t sleep last night and was working today.

I’m sorry for complaining. You have my full attention.

So many of My children do not realize how close they are to the precipice. The edge is close. Do not grow weary when the vineyard needs tended to. Who will I call My own if no one labors?

You are a laborer. Yes, you will grow weary. My Son grew weary and fell three times when carrying the Cross. Do you not remember Simon the Cyrenian carried the Cross behind My Jesus?

You will fall faint too if you do not remain totally in Me (in His Heart).

It is out of love Jesus fell three times. Each one representing the Holy Trinity and the Triune Majesty/Unity. The sins of the world are many, and it is a heavy burden. The falls are not weakness as one understands weaknesses in your world. Your movies and TV promote violence as an answer and human frailty as something to be spurned. But remember I am Creator, and it is how I wish. A Virgin will crush the head of Satan. Her perfect humility is the antithesis to the Devil’s pride. Our three falls show strength in humility and love. You see? The Devil cannot win. And I use his own pride as his downfall. Each fall he thought himself triumphant but each fall was a further gift of Me uniting myself to humanity and dying on the Cross allowed My Heart to be opened and united with that of My Mother’s and through Her’s, the hearts of mankind. He thought her at the cross in Her sorrow was destruction but it was (the beginnings of the) Resurrection!

I work in mysterious ways. I am the great playwright and author, and I deem how the story goes. Free will allows you to choose if you will love Your God. But all of history is my story. You are reaching the climax when the Antichrist will appear before you and the whole Earth will shudder under his twisted ways. But be strong in faith! I am with you! Do not deny Me even if the strongest hellfires lick the Earth. Be at peace my children. I will not forsake you if you do not deny you are My Children. Be firm in faith. Call out and cling to Me. Mother Mary will be your guide to my Son’s Sacred Heart. Hide within (His Heart) as My Justice reigns down from the Heavens. Be enfolded in the protective mantle of Mary’s motherly love and under the protective cloak of St. Joseph. The bowls are being emptied. Little time remains. My sweet little children, do not be afraid. Peace be with you, My peace I leave you. Call on the Holy Spirit to guide you. Ask for His gifts. Say the Novena to the Holy Spirit. Direct your prayers for the priests and the religious and for the Holy Souls in Pergatory who so seek relief from their sufferings. Ask Mother Mary to relieve your worries when the crosses seem too heavy. Offer up your crosses as reparations for poor sinners. Remember the first question of Fatima? Will you offer your sufferings for reparations for the sins that still pierce/sleigh My Son’s Sacred Heart?*

It is not a coincidence I directed you to your older writings. Even these need shared. You are behind, dear prophet. Share the Words I gave you years ago. Silence your fears. They are not of Me. You may offer them up to Me as a Cross. Remember how I spoke of discipline. Even now you grow weak and tired. You need to spend more time in prayer and come before Me at the Sacred Alter in Eucharistic Adoration.

How weary are you. You may rest in My Presence. You have much suffering ahead. Be at peace. I will be with you. What is there to fear besides denying Me? Pray to not undergo the test. For the soul is willing but the flesh is weak. The Disciples fell asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane. They could not keep watch. Do not do the same.

You wonder how will you (stay awake) when His best friends could not? You have to look to Mother Mary. Her Heart united with that of Her Spouse the Holy Spirit was the secret weapon that was carried to the foot of the Cross. Our Hearts were already united and through the piercing of My Son’s Sacred Heart and Her Sorrowful Heart, which also bore the pain and love of St. Joseph, when I gave up My Last Breath and consummated the Son to the Father, it also opened the door to Heaven for all Mankind. Be united in the Sorrowful Heart of Mary and Meet My Jesus.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.

I have spoken, Child. Share My Word with all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. The Good of the Word goes forth in splendor!

*I had a dream in 2017 that included me taking a book from the free literature in the back of a church. The book was labeled the first question of Fatima and commentary. I happened to be going through my old journal two nights ago and came across it. At the time I wrote the dream down, I thought I had misinterpreted and maybe it was supposed to be the first secret of Fatima. I had heard of the secrets but not questions. But this time, I trusted what I saw back then I’m the dream was correct and tried searching for what the first question might mean. I believe it refers to the first question Our Lady asked the children at Fatima:

Will you offer yourselves to God, and bear all the sufferings He sends you? In atonement for all the sins that offend Him? And for the conversion of sinners?


July 14, 2020

I saw the the bottom part of the state of Florida up to a little above Orlando. The entire part of state I could see was covered in what looked to be the black rocks, like the kind that forms after lava flows and cools. The black rocks were heaped up like a mountain and at the top was a little circle of warm bright light. This ring of light was completely devoid of any of the black rock. This was located a little above the center of the part of the state I saw. I believe this represented the House of Prayer Our Lady Queen of Peace asked to be built through Christina Gallagher.

I asked what was all that black stuff. It was instinctually repulsive to look at it.

I heard simultaneously the words “bodies” and “sin”.

Part of the very bottom of the state then sunk into the ocean.