Message from Our Lord

By Words and Dreams

July 17, 2020

I had asked if there was anything in particular I was to read in the Bible. Sometimes God will show me the names and numbers of specify books/passages/verses I am to read.

Yesterday I saw the words Revelations 17.

Tonight it was Revelations 14:19. [NAB Version:]

19 So the angel swung his sickle over the earth and cut the earth’s vintage. He threw it into the great wine press of God’s fury.

Me: Lord, why do you want me to read that? Don’t you want me to read something about loving my neighbor for instance? I’m not being totally serious here; I just don’t like how heavy this reading is.

Lord God the Almighty Father: Why do you question Me, child? I Am (the Almighty) I Am.

Me: I know. Sorry. Did the disciples ever not want to hear some things?

Lord: Yes. Especially Peter. He would try so hard. He was tenacious and like a child in so many ways. (I feel immense love and pleasure when He is thinking on St. Peter.) Do you see why he had to lead? You too are very tenacious like Peter. You have a temper like Peter could have.

Me: Are you serious? Peter had a temper? But saints shouldn’t get mad or mess up, right? Sorry, I’m interrupting. I remember you telling me I speak too much. Zipping it.

Lord: (He’s laughing, a sweet laughter as a dad.)

Me: Lord?

Lord: Oh, how you bring Me joy with your curiosity. How I miss so many of my children wanting to know Me. (Sadness).

Lord: Child, you have so much to learn. The Holy Spirit Novena? Why are you not doing this?

Me: Sorry. I forgot.

Lord: Child, it is a great gift I come and talk with you.

Me: I know, Lord.

Lord: I can give and take away, but I will always remain with you even if you cannot hear Me.

Me: Thank you, Lord. I know I’m not worthy, and I am too familiar when I talk with You.

Lord: Please do not neglect your prayers, especially when I am so direct telling what to do. (I got the feeling this Novena is to help us to be graced with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the quickest possible manner.)

Me: I looked up the Novena and it was to be said like six weeks after Easter and it’s not that time now. Does that matter?

Lord: Time has been sped up. How do you know when is the right time now?

Me: Because you say, of course.

Me: Should I be drawing or painting for You? (I’ve been trying to draw some of what I see in my visions so I can share them, but they’re really rough.)

Lord: You can always give Me gifts. But right now, your prayers are being asked for.

Me: Thank you. Yes, the Novena. And pray for priests and religious especially.

Lord: Are you going to ask why I directed you to Revelations 14:19?

Me: No. I don’t want to know.

Lord: Yes, you’ve been avoiding it.

Me: Lord, maybe one of your better prophets? The ones who are good listeners and good at saying prayers and fasting? I’m obstinate like You said (earlier), and really I think I’m going to need a lot of rosaries like Fransisco (Fatima). Fransisco, could you please pray for Me? And Lucia and Jacinta too?

Lord: You see? How you call out to the children? They love you, dear one. They suffered so much but out of great love for Me and for our Lady and for you too. For the reparations of sins that so grieve me, they suffered. Pray the Novena.

Me: Okay, Lord.

Lord: The message is serious. My Hand (of Justice) is no longer held steady. The prayers are weaker now. It will sweep the Earth. Repent. Tell all of My precious chidren to come back to Me and repent. The sins are so many. Fast and pray. Sacrifice by giving to your neighbor some of your own bread. Reparations to My Son’s Sacred Heart need made. I have watched with a Father’s Love the suffering of My Son out of love for you but I can take no more. Look for the fulfillment of the Word. My Hand is no longer steady over the Earth. Like the sickle, my hand will sway. (I see a back and forth motion like someone would have that was swinging a sickle. But there was also a Hand picking out and separating as well.)

Me: But Revelations says an angel? Not Your Hand?

Lord: I have told you I have begun to separate the wheat and the chaff. This must come before the vines and the wine press. You will not be able to tell the wheat from the chaff without discernment. Pray the Novena. The sufferings will look the same for the wheat and the chaff. But knowing the love of God will set you apart and allow you to survive (in spirit). Bring the Words to all so they too can repent before the Bridegroom closes the door. I send you with Love. You are simple and by being simple love can flow. Do you understand, little child?

Me: I don’t understand the winepress.

Lord: The fires of Gehenna will be alight with the dry vines I stamp under My feet in those days. The angel will do my biding and prayers for the children to be safely inside with the Bridegroom are most needed. So many of my children have fallen asleep. Who will wake them? Wake up! The hours are short and the wicks need trimmed.

Lord: Be at peace. I bless you. Let the Word go forth for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Me: Thank you Lord. Amen.