You have dark days ahead.

By Words and Dreams

June 11, 2020

Message from Our Lord


Make your peace with the things of the world now for the hours grow short. You do not know the day or time I will call you home. Do not leave for tomorrow what is to be done today. Repent of your sins and open your heart to My Son, Jesus. He is the Precious Gift I gave this world, and He is to be treasured in your hearts and joined with your hearts through the love of the sacrificial Lamb. There is no way to Me but through Me and Me in Him. Do not let pride be your downfall.

I am in the wind howling and the wind still. Know Me through My Holy Word. Be vigilant and grow in your knowledge of Me. My Word is My Way. Do not abandon the truth and look for Me where I have told you I am not. I am not many gods, many idols man shamefully takes. I Am. I Am now. I will remain. I do not change. Beware those who change doctrines and sow confusion.

Ah, how little you know. You want Me to speak as Scriptures? Do not test the Lord your God. (I was having some inner doubts that maybe I wasn’t truly hearing these words, and I was imagining it all.)

I choose whomever I please. Choosing a no one shows the beauty of humility. St. Bernadette knew so little. She made Me very happy by following My Will and not questioning it or My choices. Do not be disobedient, little child.

I’m sorry. Please give me more faith.

It is good to ask for faith. Faith will be your rock in the coming storm. You will grieve much and have much taken from you…(some private prayers here.)

You have dark days ahead. You will be easily turned around if your faith falters. Call on Me. Ask the Holy Family for protection, especially for your family. You do not know the hour or day I will call you home. I want to call you home. Remember you are my child and I will not forsake you. See to it you do not forsake Me when the winter comes and hardships abound. I am with you in the darkness, cling to Me and I will guide you. It will be easy to fall, to stub your toe and not be able to rise on your own. You cannot. Only through My Grace will you survive the dark trials or be taken home to Me in My Time. You are nothing but dust in the wind and I am the wind. I can blow you where I please. But if you choose to ride the wind, what (wondrous) places I can plant you! Do not fight the (wind) current if you seek eternal life. Give your all to Me and find peace.

Thank you. Amen.