Recent Messages

By Words and Dreams

March 3 and March 7, 2020

March 7, 2020 (afternoon)

I had a vision. It started off with a dark scene, like nighttime when there are shadows in different grays. There was a large beast, like a dragon you might see in ancient artwork. It had no wings. I could see one head but there may have been more. It was on top of the world. I could see the curvature of the Earth. The dragon’s limbs were covered in dark ropes, like wire ropes or cables but thicker. A few even stretched over its back. The beast was using its claws to twist and twirl more of the ropes into knots. It would pull and move to make them tighter and more entangled. It was bound down to the Earth but could still move freely on the Earth and was furiously working at the ropes. It would thrash its head about. I could feel an intense fury and rage eminating from it and could feel heat like hot breath rushing past my back, even though the beast was in front of me, not behind me. I couldn’t hear anything. I wasn’t scared, just witnessing it.

Then I remembered Mary Undoer of Knots. With my thoughts turned to her, I walked away from the beast and the Earth rotated under my feet. The scene shifted from darkness to lightness. I was on the other side of the Earth. Here the scene was of Mary. She was engulfed in warm, white light. She was above the earth, but close to it. The Earth was covered in a brilliant light where Mary was directly above, but beyond that, the Earth was dark. The light around her was so bright, I couldn’t make out most of her, except the outline of her face and a mantle covering her head. She was serene and working steadily, undoing the knotted coils I had seen before. There were people in the dark areas of Earth, walking towards Mary, pulling knotted ropes behind them. Then, they’d hand them up into the light near her. I couldn’t see them because the light was too bright, but I knew they were handing the knotted coils to angels who then handed them to Mary…maybe saints too, I don’t know. I knew the angels were singing and some of the people on the Earth were bringing flowers to Mary as she worked on the knots.

I could also see/sense the Hand of the Lord close by, like up in the air but not coming down on the earth yet. There seemed to be a pleasure with Mary’s work on the knots that kept the Hand from moving, even though it very easily could have cleared the whole Earth of the knotted mess and the beast.

I asked internally if I could hear the angels sing. So far I had heard nothing. But, no, I never did hear any singing. Mary did turn her attention to me for a few seconds. She didn’t speak out loud, but it was like I knew what she said internally. She said to me, “Do the Will of God.” Then she turned back to her knots. Mary emanated peace, calm and love exactly opposite the beast’s hate, fury and wrath. I continued to try to hear the angels sing, but I couldn’t. I hummed a church song instead and the vision ended.

March 7, 2020 (morning)

“I love you.”- Stated in a dream on white, crumpled, discarded paper on the floor. The statement was from the Lord. Is this how to repay the Lord?

Fill your hearts with peace. There is no bravery in fear. Fear is not of Me. There is no peace when you turn away from Me. Stay close beside/by Me as the times are getting more trying still. Your ways are about to change. You will not recognize the earth. The darkness mounts and you are ill prepared. Stay with Me. The wars loom and the coldness and famine are here. You will have no earthly place to stay. Stay in My Heart. There is the only peace. You are seeing the Blood removed from the Church. It begins (sad/loneliness). Stay with the Truth. In all things, stand by the Truth. Live the truth. Be messengers of the Truth. Through you, others will believe who did not. But woe to those who are lukewarm! You shall be spit from My Mouth. It’d be better to be as Saul and convert than to be swayed like a vine/stem with no root. Fools. So many today live only for their flesh and do not even know they have a soul: a soul that lives forever and is the true gift of the Father. What disrespect/hate/loathing you show Me with your crumpled souls. Come back. Repent. No one needs to be lost.

I love you. Come serve the Lord.

Be at peace, child. I will not wait. My justice is at hand.

February 19th 2020

Last night I had a dream. I was searching for something, like a sacramental through the free literature, etc. at the entrance to a church. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I kept on looking throughout the town. Areas in the town were getting hit with things like floods and tornadoes. My sister was helping look too. We went into a basement of a stone building and there were all these pictures of St. Teresa, dusty, forgotten..I felt bad because St. Teresa the Little Flower has helped both my sister and I in the past and I hadn’t been asking for her help lately. (This is the third dream with this particular saint. I had one in the past month where I was drawing her picture with chalks on a floor and writing her name. The other is older and could be a whole other post. It speaks to the power of the novena for her intercession. I feel it’s a reminder to ask for the intercession of the saints (and our guardian angels and other angels too).

Back to my original dream…I eventually did find this card with gold writing that said Our Lady of Lourdes and had a picture of her. It was like that was what I was looking for, but I don’t know why.

March 3rd, 2020

I was feeling worried about sharing these messages. So I asked if I was to? Wasn’t supposed to?

I heard gentle laughing, like a father amused with his kid.

What little faith you have. Be still, child. Be at peace.