Vision of the Blessed Mother

By Words and Dreams

May 10, 2020

During early morning prayers, I saw a vision. My family and I were in front of a large throne.

On the throne in what appeared to be a courtyard was Mother Mary. Everything was a brilliant white with so much light I had to squint and keep my eyes mostly down or shut. Everything was hazy too, obstructing my view, like fog but it wasn’t damp or cool. There were angels in all white attending to Mother Mary. We were directed to kneel by two of them. (… Private observations for my family here…)

Two angels, one on either side and up in the air were fixing a large golden crown on Mary. It was a curved, round crown. I was kneeling on my hands and knees, but kept stealing glances up. It was so bright, everything was like in a haze and I couldn’t see totally. Mother Mary was wearing an all white tunic and a white mantle with red and blue trim. This little detail of the trim colors stood out because although I couldn’t see a lot, this little detail was shown to me. The white mantle covered her head too, but I could see She had brown, wavy hair. Mother Mary had a darker area on her chest, and I thought it may have been an exposed flesh heart, but I couldn’t see this well enough to know for sure. She had something long in her right hand, about 2 or 3 feet long. I thought maybe a scepter or even a stick. It was too blurry. The background behind the throne looked like clouds. I was asking in my head if I could see better. While the haze didn’t change, I then did see the background behind the throne change to the Earth, like as if seen from space.

After the background changed, Mother Mary pointed her right arm with the long scepter-like object in it to her right, my left, directing us to look at what was happening. (I want to be clear, she was directing us to look, not directing what was happening.) I looked and to my left some distance off was an angel at what appeared to be a low curved wall. The angel held a bowl with two hands and was pouring the contents of the bowl out over the wall. I immediately- remembering the bowls in Revelations- started shaking my head and saying to myself, no, it’s too early. There are seals and trumpets first. At that, a large scroll appeared in the sky above and a bit to the right of the angel with the bowl. The scroll was rolled up but I could see a gold colored section fixed on top of it, running the length of the scroll. This gold colored section was all cracked like it had been hit repeatedly by a hammer. Then I said, no, there are trumpets first too. At that, there appeared a line of angels all with trumpet-like instruments in their right hands held up to their mouths. I don’t know if the trumpets were sounded already, or were at the ready to be sounded. I could hear nothing in this vision. This perfect line of angels was to the right of the angel with a bowl, further down the curved wall. I didn’t count them but I would say there were more than five, less than a dozen angels. They all looked identical, garbed in pure white tunics. They were facing away from the courtyard in the same way as the angel with the bowl. There was darkness in the sky beyond them.

This was all I saw.

My notes on the vision: I got the impression from this that my thoughts of the events in Revelations, the seals happening first and then the trumpets and then the bowls in a linear timeline, may be too simplistic. That my understanding of time is not the same as it would be in Heaven. I get this impression of circles or rings, like there is more connectiveness and interweaving of these events somehow. There is so much I don’t understand. I encourage the reading of Revelations. I was told once in a dream years ago where I was looking in disbelief at a remains of a destroyed city to read the Book of Revelations, that the signs are all there.