A Prophetic Dream and a Message

By Words and Dreams

May 22, 2020

I was asleep in the early morning  and heard my son cry out once, waking me up Then he was quiet. I next heard this:

My child, you must write. Wake up. I’ll hold the baby. Go now.

Yes, Lord?

Write down the words from the dream.

The dream. It was a normal dream until I started writing something. It was going to be an encouraging note to a friend in the dream, when instead I started to receive a message and in a trance-like state within the dream, I began to write that message instead.

I’ll try to remember the exact words that I wrote in the dream. It was like this:

The seas will boil. The garbage/trash mounds will rise from the depths of the ocean/sea and pollute the water supply. (I saw huge amounts of garbage like a growing mountain rising up from the water). My people, this is a time of great suffering. Many will die.

I next saw what I believe to be India. A storm is approaching it, and it is this storm that will churn up pollution and bring it to the land.

End of dream.

Continued message in early morning after waking:

Pray for those who will be lost without repentance. So many souls do not know me and have no one but their brothers and sisters in prayer to bring them to Me.

I do not want this for My children. It is your own sins and lack of repentance that bring this deluge of pollution. I have stayed My Hand, but now I am lifting it. The Earth cries out to me for vengeance. The blood of the Innocents cries out for vengeance. My Mercy must give way to My Justice. 

Be at peace. Do not be afraid. Hide yourself within the Sacred Heart of My Son. Like I have told you before, this united with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and supported/also by the Just Heart of St. Joseph are the eye of the Storm.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. How can St. Joseph’s heart support or be part of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart? He was a just a man? I feel bad asking, but does this go against the teachings of the Church?

St. Joseph has a special place in My Heart. He has been hidden inside/enclosed within My Heart for a long time. But now is the time for him to become more known. Just as it is the time the Woman speaks, so too is it the time to learn about the greatness through the humility and obedience of St. Joseph. Yes, he is a mere man. But a man chosen by Me to teach and raise my only Glorious Son. This man is the human head of the Holy Family. He followed my every lead/command while on Earth and protected the Holy Family. Now it is right to ask him for protection as he loves you. I will refuse him nothing when he intercedes for you as long as it (what you ask for) is within my Holy Will.

His heart is united with that of his Son and wife. Do I not make two one in marriage? Does not a father give his heart to his son? The mysteries of the family are illuminated in the Holy Family. This is why marriage as I decreed is so important and the devil is attacking it so fiercely: the Holy Spirit unites the hearts/flows through/surrounds the hearts (like all encompassing) of the family that is founded in Me. This is how I pass gifts to children. But now I must find other means in so many cases (sadness) as the children are not taught of Me and the devil tries to separate them from Me (anger). 

Be at peace. He (devil) will not win. He has no power but what I allow.

I’m sorry, Lord, for being contrite. But then why allow him to do anything?

My child, man chooses his way. Out of great love I created you and in My Love I gave man free will as to be more like Me/My Image. The devil provides a choice. Do you not know I suffer greatly when even a single soul does not choose Me? Remember it is better to lose the body than the soul. If you suffer at the hands of your brother, pray for him that he may come to know Me. Some will not repent. But that is not for you to worry about. In the end you who follow My Will and suffer for My Namesake will rejoice.

I’m still worried I’m not going to share this right. That the that words here will somehow get misconstrued.

Trust Me and My Ways. You question why you when you know so little? Trust Me and My Ways, dear child.

Be at Peace. Grow your trust in Me. Just ask in prayer.

Yes, Lord. Thank you.