Begin Storing Water

By Words and Dreams

October 2, 2020

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Vision from Our Lady

I have no new messages. But I did want to write about something. When I woke up, I saw a beautiful vision of Mother Mary. She was radiating a bright, brilliant white light. At Her feet was a large pool of sparkling, pristine water. The light was reflecting off the water and it looked like glitter was everywhere.

This vision reminded me of the one I had had maybe a month or so ago of Mother Mary scooping up a handful of water from some water at Her feet and pouring it into a large jug She held between Her body and left arm, then standing up. She repeated this for a total of three times.

Now, the rare and wonderful times I’ve seen Mother Mary, I believe She knows how simple I am and therefore is very straightforward with me. So this makes me think that the simplest interpretation of this vision is probably correct, and to me it seems to be to store water. Maybe three weeks or months worth because She repeated it three times, or three jugs worth. It took the vision of Her at the pool of glittering water today to make me think back and realize that this is probably what She meant with the earlier vision of Her holding the jug. Mary is bringing attention to the water. These are my thoughts. Please pray for your own discernment!