Remember the gift of the rosary

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October 7, 2020

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Me: Lord help us. Please. I love you. Please enclose my family, our Christian family in your Sacred, beautiful, giving Heart. Your Love for us is amazing. Yet I know Your Justice comes and pray for pardon and make reparations. I am slow to do this. I am slow to act on what you have told me. I am obstinate and stubborn and very distracted. I apologize whole heartedly for my continued short comings. I want to do better. I fear I will fail you again tomorrow. But maybe by asking, You will help me to do better. My prayers are weak. I feel this pull to not pray; it’s like a fight. I feel the anxiety and fear mounting and my time with You brings me such peace. Why then do I fight this internal battle to enter quiet time with You? Why can’t I just keep prayer a constant? This battle wouldn’t happen if I could keep in constant prayer. Did the saints have such battles? Do religious people? Children probably don’t. Be like a child. What is there to fear when you are with your Father but displeasing Him?

Me: Lord, are there any words?

Lord God Almighty Father: Do not let the devil steal your peace. He is a thief in the night. Write, child. You are not to rest. You have rested your mind too much. Put down the nonsense and be about My Work.

Me: What is the work, Lord?

Lord: Each of My children have a job to do for the Kingdom. I am Good to allow you to help your brothers and sisters. This is good for you. This is good for those who are far off. We are one family. You are to love your brothers and sisters in Christ. You are to make known My love for them. You are not to fear. Show them love. Give them food. Lead them to the Food of Eternal Life.

Me: Oh, Lord. This world is fleeting. Will you save us?

Lord: Concern yourself now with preparing your souls. You do not know the hour or the day I will return.

Lord: Fight against the nausea. The drowsiness. The uneasiness. You are My child. My children. I will speak and you will listen. I will ask you to pray. I will not forget those of you who have struggled and suffered for My Namesake. You are not deserted. You are not alone even if it may feel so, and you are in your darkest hour. Be a light to others! The devil’s time may be now, but it is so all that is written may come to pass. Do not doubt or be/become far away. Do not blink for the thief is quick. He lies and slanders and his minions are like a false mother calling out to lost children. Do not be deceived. Search your heart and you will know the truth. The truth is My Word. It is not hard. Study and do no fall prey. My children are strong in the armor of Christ. His Truth is your armor. You do not need to fear. You become weak when you cast your armor off and disarm by putting down the sword of prayer. Remember the gift of the rosary. How My mother loves you! What a gift! She pleads for you.  A true mother does not call you to what is easy and pleasing to the eye or senses, but what betters the soul. Do not be deceived. So many remain lost because they have not been properly taught. This is where the love of your brothers and sisters comes in. Pray, pray much for them. How it pleases Me when you remember even the weakest of your brothers and sisters. Those who have harmed you. Those who still do. What peace it’ll bring your heart to pray for them. What joy you will find if not now then someday. I am already working in your hearts, little ones. My power is already working and moving your hearts. Can’t you feel it as you read these words? Do you feel unworthy and shameful? Yes, try to go and make a good confession. I love My children, but you must be made clean. Then rejoice! Partake in the Feast of the Lord. I invite you. Do not be late, for the door will close on you, and I will invite new guests. Be my faithful tenants and good stewards of My Word.

Me: How is it we are both guests and tenants?

Lord: Nothing is impossible with God. Remember how your God served you and washed your feet and yet He is your God? Remember how the first will be last? Remember how Mary is Mother to all? These are Divine Mysteries. How wonderful it is to have mysteries to delve into and rejoice in and still you do not understand. Mysteries serve a good in themselves. It is to make you humble. You cannot understand, and in the same way I call you to be my guest and my servant and my child all at once. And I will be your Lord.

Me: Thank you Lord. You are amazing and good and all encompassing. Please envelope me, us, now with Your Love. Help us to be the best guests and servants and children we can be. And Mother Mary, please help and guide us.

Lord: Like children, know that you always have my love. It is unearned and cannot be taken away.

Lord: Like servants, follow My Commandments and serve your brothers and sisters. The first commandment is love.

Lord: Like guests, be attentive and gracious and yet still watching and waiting for the bridegroom to enter. And you will rejoice at the Wedding Feast! Do not fail at this and be guests invited but late and left out on that special day.

Lord: So be it! Thus says the Lord.

Lord: Be at peace, little ones.  Do not let the worries of the world take away your peace. I love you, little ones.


Note from me (Sunday Oct. 11, 2020): I didn’t publish this right away because it had a lot of typos I wanted to fix first. When I get a message, I do my best to write it word for word, but I am also writing fast. So it has been several days before I went back to it and maybe it would have been even longer, but I think the Lord reminded me today when I heard the Gospel Reading was Matthew 22:1-14 about the Wedding Feast, it reminded me of this message. I just wanted to share that because I really believe the Lord is always guiding us and calling out to us, sometimes very directly, sometimes subtlety. And He loves us very much. It is important to listen.