Messages from Our Lord and the Eternal Father

By Words and Dreams

September 12 and September 14, 2020

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September 12, 2020

Lord God Almighty Father: Wake up from your slumber! Wake up!

Lord: The death of a thousand nations will begin with the death of just one. Awake from your slumber and repent! The signs are all around you, children. Why do you sleep?

Lord: Save your souls. Come to my Son’s Sacred Heart. Comfort Him at the cross. Can you not see He still suffers? He calls out to Me like He did in the final hour of His Passion. His Wounded Heart is opened.

Lord: How easy it is to be confused in this hour. The Church suffers. (I feel an indignant feeling about the lethargy/crust present in the Church.) How the sheep are scattered. You children, be of the light and comfort your brothers and sisters. Soon the chaos will make it so no one can deny something is not in the ordinary. Something is beyond the physical realm. The battle of the spiritual, you feel it little one? Soon others will too. (I have felt and seen bits of a battle almost on another plane. I see flashes of wings and armor and clashes of metal on metal. I thought I had been making it up or dreaming.)

Lord: There are times when you felt the attacks and called out to the angels for protection. This is good. You are discerning. The devil is stealing your time away from Me. He is succeeding, little one. How long has it been since you’ve been quiet to hear Me?

Lord: You must always remember God first in all things. If I say awake, awake! Your very soul is at stake. When you did not, didn’t you then feel the tugs of the devil? The dreams brought old sins to mind and the slumber was not restful. Then he poisons your very thoughts. It would be better to awake when I say even if you are tired. I know what is best for you.

Me: Sorry, Lord. (This morning I had been woken up very early to write and instead I had fallen back asleep. I was called again a few hours later, but He wasn’t pleased with me.)

Lord: It is okay to not know the way. Think of your baby in the car. It is enough that the baby trusts the parents to get to the destination. I am the parent. Trust in Me. I know the way. I am The Way. Do not fear.

Me: Yes, Lord. Lord? What do I do about the workload I have? I have so many obligations. I don’t know what to do.

Lord: Be at peace, child. They are of no concern. Yes, you must still sweep the floor if it is your duty. But do it with love. Then, be done. Sweeping the floor has its purpose and you must give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But so much more goes to Your Father. I will be with You. But do not make false idols out of work.

Me: Yes, Lord. I am struggling with that. Lord? I just saw the news about the wildfires on the West Coast. I remember years ago seeing the angel over America who shot an arrow of fire into the west. Is that this? It seems like California has been on fire for years.

Lord: The coast burns but still few look to repent.

Me: Will there be more destruction? Like an earthquake? Will there be a hurricane on the East Coast soon? What about the dream I had about the internet going down and it becoming hard to buy food? And the tornado then hitting almost directly after? I don’t know what’s what anymore.

Lord: The earth moans from the heaviness of the sin of man. Blood of the Innocents calls out to Me. The earth mourns and rebels. This is not climate change as the scientists like to call it, but the result of sins of man. Man has raped the earth, and the earth in pain lashes out. The natural disasters will become more frequent until they are everywhere. You will hear of earthquakes and wars and still it is not My time. Remember to bury your face, call out to Me. Repent and pray. Worry about saving your soul. For eternity is eternity. You children don’t seem to understand the finality of it. Do not worry about the earthly goods anymore. Concern yourself with your soul and helping your brothers and sisters. You fear the physical. But I tell you, the physical world is fleeting and you must concern yourself with matters of your/the soul. There is nothing else.

Me: Why do you give me dreams then of the natural disasters or other things to come to the earth? If they don’t matter?

Lord: Child, you are an obstinate one. First, you must discern what is of Me and what is not of Me. Remember the devil wants to scare you, to bring anxiety which disrupts your quiet with Me. If it is of Me, then it is to speak to the people to encourage them to repent. They will see the might of My Arm and fall on their faces!

Me: Thank you, Lord.

Lord: Go in peace, child. Spread the Words I have given you here. Let the children know they are to be examples of the light to their brothers and sisters. Show them a life of prayer even if you must be in the world. Show them love. Give them bread before there is little bread to be found. Children, your efforts are important. Even one crumb given in My Name is not forgotten by Me. One prayer for another is heard by all of Heaven. How it pleases Me when you remember your brothers and sisters. Remember too the souls in Purgatory. They call out to you.

Me: Thank you, Lord. Amen.


September 14, 2020

Lord Almighty God the Father: You are entering a time like that of ancient Egypt. The plagues are upon you. But it will not be Moses who leads My captives out, but My Jesus. Turn to His Sacred Heart. Remember your brothers and sisters in Christ. They need your prayers. Soon you will be overwhelmed and not know which way to turn. That is why you must come to My Son’s Sacred Heart while there is still time. The confusion will be too much for those who are not grounded/rooted in Me. Come to Me, those who mourn, those who fear, and I will set your mind at ease. I will make you free of the anxieties and worries that/which plague you. The destruction around you will continue. These plagues are caused by man’s sin. Until man repents, these sins will bring down terrible consequences. Man cannot even recognize his own darkness. So many have given themselves over to the devil. So few know Me or come to My Son on the cross to comfort Him. (I sensed a yearning for His children to come to Eucharist Adoration.) Come to Me, dear children. Soothe My Heart. Your presence brings Me comfort. Be not about the world. It is fleeting and you will be deceived if you put your faith in material things. I mean to protect you. You are My greatest treasures. Look to Mother Mary to help guide you if you do not know the way (to Jesus). Call out to Her. She will not abandon even the littlest child. She is among you and loves you. St. Joseph too is beside Her. The Holy Family shines so brightly (with baby Jesus), the devil runs in fear. He attacks families so much now. Courage! Let the Holy Family be your safety. Model your day after it/them. Were they consumed by work, by pleasures or entertainment? No. All was led by God and flowed naturally. Offer up each day and frequently turn your thoughts and prayers to God in Heaven. Remember your dear brothers and sisters in Heaven, the saints, and the angels. There are many helps if you ask. There are many graces to be given. Offer each day to the Holy Trinity. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your tongue and your actions. Ask your guardian angel for protection and direction. Yes, you have legions of angels beside you. Do not feel lonely or discouraged. Be humble, but strong in Christ. Pronounce My Word and believe. So be it!

Me: Thanks be to God. I love you. Amen.