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July 21, 2021

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Me: Lord? I’ve been growing angry with so many things. That lets me know I need to pray more and seek You out more. Please help me with this. It is a struggle to turn to prayer when I’m angry.

Lord God Almighty Father: It is not so much a struggle with anger, daughter, but with the pulls of the world. So many worldly things are striving for your attention, see? You are being pulled at all the time. Your strength is not enough. Think of a swimmer fighting against the pull of the current. The swimmer will tire out eventually. But I can change the current! I can change the tide! So how easy it would be to trust Me and float on your back and praise Me with your free mouth. Praise and honor Me. Yes, the swimmer could easily be free. But that swimmer could also be drowned. Trust in Me, little one. You will float and, oh, where I will make the river flow to! I can do amazing things, I Am, but so few believe. So few ask. Trust and believe. Yes, seek Me out in the Eucharist and in Eucharistic Adoration. Be quick! No more stalling!

You have important messages to write. Where is My daughter? Where has she been?

Me: Lord, I’m sorry I’ve been away.

Lord God Almighty Father: Seek Me out.

July 7, 2021

Lord God Almighty Father: Seek Me out in the Eucharist.