The time is short

By Words and Dreams

August 8, 2021

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Message from Lord God Almighty Father

Me: Lord, you know my heart. You know my fears. Please help me. Is there anything for me to write tonight?

Lord God Almighty Father: The time is short, little one. Fast and pray. Seek Me out in the Eucharist. You must know in your heart what is of importance, (and) what is not. What of your day do you spend with Me? Praising Me? Honoring Me? Thanking Me? Petitioning Me? Seeking Me? What part of you is humbled in My Great Presence? Why are you remaining obstinate to your call?

Me: Lord, I am afraid. I try to distract myself, I guess. If I can not hear the bad news, the warnings…maybe I’m lazy too? Really I’m restless. I can tell you that. I am restless when I try to be distracted. I am angry and nervous and uptight. I shouldn’t be like this. Forgive me. Again.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, little one. You make many mistakes. But does that mean My Love for you grows cold? Remember the prodigal son. He was welcomed home. But he had to seek home. He had to go home. See? I cannot forgive you if you do not seek Me. The devil is strong. He is working on you. He wants you to forget your work, your place, your mission.

Me: Lord? A mission? I thought I was just to write what I hear.

Lord God Almighty Father: A quest can be many things. It can be an array of words across the page instead of a knight on a steed. Indeed, I can do anything, and you can answer when I call. Yes?

Me: Yes. You have my yes.

Lord God Almighty Father: I have asked you to seek Me out in the Eucharist. It is not done. Do not keep delaying, my daughter. Leave your worries and come seek Me. Why is this so difficult?

You have much fear. But that fear isn’t from Me. Let it go. It does not make a good companion.

Your children? You worry about tomorrow…give thanks for today! You are not to know the future, little one. But pray for their salvation and your own. Pray that they do not leave your side like the prodigal son. The Sorrowful Mother is a good companion. Seek her out when you worry for your children. Worry and sorrow are not the same. Nor are tears and blood. But comfort My Wounded Heart, little one by comforting her’s. It is through sharing her grief for Me on the Cross that you will find strength to pray nonstop the prayers needed for many souls now. Remember to meditate on My Wounds, yes, but also on her grief. It links us, see? How a mother and child are linked in sorrow and death, in joy and comfort, and in new glorious life. The circles you saw*, the rings, they look like crowns, like rings, like halos, like the sun. They are links like in a chain, like beads in a rosary, like petals around a rose, like the planets aligned, like five rings on fingers. We are connected. We are love and love’s light reflecting. Be a reflector. Be a light. Be at peace, little one. You must know your place. You are important as My child. All of My children are loved and important to Me, the Father. I am love and do not deny that love to My children. It is only My children who stay away. So seek Me out. I long for you. I long for all of My children. Do not leave Me alone in the Tabernacle. Open your hearts to My calls. I call many. I call all. Only a few hear. Only a few respond. Hearing makes faith easier. Blessed are those who do not hear and yet respond. Be like little children. Increase your faith in Me. Unite with Me in the Eucharistic Feast. Do not fear. Only time away grows fear in your heart. So do not be away! It is that simple. I know what is best for you. And what is best for you is to be here with Me. So simple. Make haste now.

Me: Thank you. Please help me to follow through. I love you.

Lord God Almighty Father: Be at peace, little one.

*These circles or rings I saw were in a previous vision thing and I had just happened in to be thinking back on it when this was mentioned. It was of Jesus and Mary outside the Earth in space, looking down on it. They were huge and royal. And there were these golden circles or halos of light all around them.