America, your fields will be empty and barren

By Words and Dreams

December 29, 2020

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Message from Lord God the Almighty Father

Me: Just a few more days this year! Lord, I heard you calling this morning to write. “You are to write a book.” I prayed for more information because I don’t know how to do this. Would it be like a longer entry here? Like three pages maybe of our conversations? Maybe a really short three page book? Lol…But really I will be your instrument if you want to write through Me. Or whatever you want done. Please Holy Spirit, be the movement of the pen or keys however you please.

Me: Lord, are there any words to share now?

Me: Who were all those children in winter coats I saw? What was behind them? Were they running? Was it just a dream?-(This was something I had seen earlier in the day, but I didn’t get any clarification on it, so I think it was nothing.)

Lord God Almighty Father: Springtime comes when least expected. The winds of change blow fiercely now, and the seasons riot. You will not/do not recognize the lateness of the hour, or the famines that will follow a spring of no new harvest. Where are the tillers in the field? Lo, America, your fields will be empty and barren like you have left the wombs of so many of your (women/mothers) (neither the term “women” or “mothers” was used but instead I could see them). Your babes cry out from the fields and blood cannot be harvested anymore than fruit from a barren plain.

Me: Oh, Lord, this makes me sick. Those poor babies. I’m so sorry. Please have mercy on us, on America, that has allowed such evil. Oh Lord, I’m sorry. I can’t imagine the heartache you are feeling. I will sit at your Cross. Maybe I can’t take away the heartache, but sometimes a little friend helps? I understand I’m not at Eucharistic Adoration. I have my imagination and (religious) pictures here. Maybe on the internet too. Yes, I’ll look there (for Eucharistic Adoration). Okay.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, I know you speak because these words are hard to hear, and by speaking you hope to delay any more words. But, daughter, you asked if there are any words. Sometime words aren’t pleasant but necessary nonetheless.

Me: I understand.

Lord God Almighty Father: Good. Take Care to bring your attention to Me in Eucharistic Adoration. Make your Spiritual Communions when you can’t receive Me Sacramentally. Take part in the Sacraments while there is still time. Do not lament tomorrow for today is not done. Pray. Pray much for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Many are living far from Me. Pray too for the priests sons and religious. They are under grave attack. Be the warriors of prayer they need/or that are needed. Remember My temples will close, but the Church must remain open in your hearts. The true Church cannot be destroyed with collapsed building or empty temples but only with empty hearts. Stay close to My Jesus. Do not squander His/My Most Holy Gift.

Be still and at peace. Be at peace, My dear children of the light. Though darkness descends, fear not. I Am your light, your sword, your comfort. Nothing shall you want those who cry out and fear Me. Do not fear the darkness. Walk proud as children of the light. Be examples of hope and joy and light. Pray much and fast. You are weak in your prayers. Use this little time to strengthen your prayers and fast. Make sacrifices especially for the priest sons. They will be tempted greatly. Some will fall but even more will without your intercessions. Pray/ask the saints and angels to also intervene on their behalf. We are at war! And your generals have been targeted! You, foot soldiers, throw up your shields in protection!


Be at peace. Remember be humble but proud you are My daughter, My children, who have been called into this great battle. Your Jesus is already victorious. His feast is set. Be among those called and coming. For you have many choices yet. Be of God. Be of the Word. Do not despair. Be at peace, My little ones. You are not alone. Be at peace.

Pray. Pray the rosary. Now! Protect your homes with daily recitation. Make this a safe haven from the enemy. Be sincere in prayer. Pray as a family*. Pray from the heart. Make an alter to Me. Include My Mother. Remember to honor Me with more than just a manger at Christmas. Remember Me always. Be at peace and make prayer your life.

Thus says the Lord. Go in peace.

*My note: If you don’t have family directly, you can always ask brothers and sisters in Christ, the Holy Family, and the saints and the angels to pray with you. After all, we are all one big family. For example, when I feel especially lonely, I sometimes ask St. Padre Pio to pray with me. And I have seen a blessed George in a dream (I believe it was Blessed George Matulaitis-Matulewicz) that wants to be called on especially to be an intercessor in Heaven for priests.