Do not fear the famine.

By Words and Dreams

January 22 and January 23, 2021

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Message from God the Father

January 22, 2021

I saw the words and numbers “Revelations 13710”. It was written in what looked like the crease of a large book.

Earlier, I had seen something like a scarecrow figure. It kind of looked like a crude child’s drawing of a person with a circle head, rectangle body and stick arms that were scribbled in. It moved quickly at me from a far distance. It was not a pleasant figure. I prayed the St. Michael prayer, and it went away.

I also saw later that night what looked like a giant open book, taller than a person. There were people milling about in front of it. Then, I saw a huge, ugly claw hand come from beneath where they and the book were and grab a person and drag them down and out of my sight. This repeated again and again. It wasn’t fast snatches but methodical and steady.



January 29, 2021

Me: Lord, is there anything you want me to write now?

Lord God Almighty Father: Find your peace in the silence here with Me. Sometimes we do not have to speak. But keep Me company in this place.

Me: Lord, who am I to comfort you? You are my comfort, my staff and rod, my protection. My joy. My everything. My love. You are my comfort and my joy. I love you, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Get some rest, dear one. Remember the souls in purgatory need your prayers. They would like to rest too.

Me: Yes, Lord. Lord, what was that scarecrow figure? (I had seen a strange ugly figure that seemed to charge at me the other night. I prayed the St. Michael prayer for protection, and it went away.)

Lord God Almighty Father: (A pause). It was famine. Continue to pray. Constant prayers are needed now. I will be your comfort and your joy when the earth will bring you none. Rely only on Me.

Me: Lord, I don’t like that. No. Isn’t famine supposed to be on a horse? Oh, I didn’t see the bottom half of it. Is that why it moved so very fast? No, I don’t like that. Lord, how about a rainbow or another happy image?Lord?

I can sense He’s bemused with me at this request. Happy and serious at the same time. Probably also because I keep talking.

Lord God Almighty Father: Child, you cannot have candy and not rotten teeth. You want easy, and the easy path is not for you. Rainbows won’t bring you food. The Food of Life My only Son gave you. Isn’t that a better image?

Me: Yes. I can look at the Eucharist. Thank you. This image is, of course, a comfort! It is The Comfort!

Short private message here.

Lord God Almighty Father: You are to tell the people to pray. Pray much for their loved ones who are far from Me. Pray for their families as they are under attack. Pray for the priests and religious. Yes, share the Pieta book and remember the mighty weapon of the Rosary. Ask (your) Mother (Mary) to help. St. Joseph to protect. St. Michael also to protect. And all the angels and saints.

Do not fear the famine. He will not harm your soul unless you allow it. Stay firm in your conviction of the truth of your Lord and Father. Read the Gospel. Be My daughter and love your brothers and sisters in Christ. How can one read the Gospel and not burn with the Holy Spirit? Only if one is blocked from knowing Me by his own self will. Your “yes” is important. Do not neglect your “yes” to Me each day.

Be at peace, daughter. Go forward loving and seeking peace even in the midst of turmoil and chaos. So many are scared. They need to know Me to know peace. Won’t you tell them, little one? Share with them what I speak to You. Even if it seems scary to do so. I cannot promise you ease, but I can offer you peace.

Thus says the Lord! Go in peace. Rest now.

Me: Thank you, Lord.

Note: I was awoken a few nights ago at around 3AM and given a private message. (Mostly I need to be praying a lot more and get on with it already!) Then I went back to sleep. I was awoken again around 5 AM. But this time with just an image: the Pieta prayer book. I own this book but hadn’t touched it in probably a few years. I asked what I was to pray from it. I knew internally the answer was the whole thing. So then I asked where to start because it is long, and I wasn’t sure I could pray the whole thinf. I then knew internally to start with the St. Joseph prayer.