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Shared June 8, 2021

April 20, 2021
Lord God Almighty Father: Dear daughter, sing for the glory of the Lord is near/at hand. Sing! Call out to Me, My people, for your voices have been too quiet in the desert. Who makes you free? Sing to the glory of your Lord! Who is your capture? Why must you be a slave to sin? You are deceived easily and much will be taken from you if you do not recognize your place as My child/My children. Who will hear My cries if the voice(s) of the desert will not call out? Who will know Me?

Be My people. For as I led the Israelites out of captivity, so I will lead you. Do not fear the desert. Do not fear the trials. I am the Good Father, and I know your every need. Why do you think I would have deserted you?

No, little child. When your heart is troubled it is you who are far from Me. Pray more. Fast. Spend time with Me. Like the leper with the unclean spirits, so too can I heal you. Trust in Me. Do not give yourself over to sin. Search your heart. Ask Mother Mary for help with this. You will know what to confess, where to start. It is not too late, but the hour is (late). Repent and believe. Believe in Me. Fear no evil, for I am by your side.

Me: Lord, was it leper with unclean spirit or leper and one with unclean spirit?

I feel a peace filling me. And a gentle word that I focus on the wrong thing. I don’t even want to write, but enjoy this feeling. If I could keep this peace, I would have no worries or anxieties. It’s a perfect feeling. A gift. How do I hold on to it?

Lord God Almighty Father: Sing!

My note: I wish anyone reading this peace. This must be why Jesus always said, “Peace be with you”. Sing to the glory of the Lord!

April 19, 2021
Dream 1: Saw “Luke” and numbers “176 79”

Dream 1 continued: I saw the back of St. Paul as he was standing at a long counter. St. Luke came over, put his right arm on St. Paul’s right shoulder and relieved him of his duty. I only saw their backs but I internally knew who they were and this meant that the time of Paul has past and now it is the time of Luke. I was very happy and excited by this, but I didn’t know why or what it means.

Dream 2: I saw the sky open and books fall out and into the sea. Bibles and other religious books. They were all sinking into the sea. I saw one book open, and it had a picture of a volcano in it.

August 21, 2020
I saw the words/numbers “Revelations 14:20”. The numbers were in white except the zero, which was in black.

It seemed familiar. I had to look back to be sure, but it looks like July 17th, 2020 I had seen “Revelations 14:19”.

Feb 16, 2021
Our Lord God Almighty Father: My Children have forgotten how to pray! (Lamenting. Sadness.)

April 7, 2021
*My note: This message I have been reluctant to share and then haven’t been sharing or listening as much afterwards. Please pray for me to be brave and listen. I’d appreciate it! Below mentions a sign; I haven’t seen anything.

Me: Lord God Almighty, are there any words? Lord, I have been struggling as of late and haven’t heard you. I know my mind is clouded. Please don’t let me be closed to You and your wonderfulness.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, you have felt a tightening, a restricting. You sense something is wrong. You discern correctly.

Me: It’s almost like it’s too quiet and yet loud at once. Like the stillness before a storm, but there is already a fire burning in front of me. Everyone is hopeful and acts like everything will go back to normal or is back to normal. I feel like I’m this pessimist who thinks not. But I keep quiet in those moments. How do I take away hope, or maybe it is I who is confused? Maybe things will go back and then down the road some change again? Who an I took know the future?

Lord God Almighty Father: Oh little one, but you are My prophet. You do not get to decide what I say and when and how I say it. Be at peace. You are only a messenger. Do not worry so about your role. Write what I say. Pray much, daughter of mine. Your distracted thoughts come from a lack of discipline in prayer.

Me: (Did the word discipline come from disciple? Hmm.) Lord, what do you want me to write?

Lord God Almighty Father: This is for my bishops and priests. Do not hold My Hand back anymore. The slaughter of the innocence will/ can be no more (innocence is lower case, not the Innocents). Repent for your role in this apostasy. The devil is beside you. Be strong in your denouncing of his work. Do not lead the sheep astray. You have to been given much and will be held responsible for much. Like the talents, you will be called and all will be accounted for. Stay My Hand no more by calling on My Mother. My Justice is at hand. Call now on Mother Mary to bring you to repentance with Me. Seek renewal in My Face.

(I see a Face on the Cross like on the Shroud of Turin.)

To me: Yes, you see.

Me: Oh, Lord, my heart moves with pity and compassion and awe because this suffering is love.

Lord God Almighty Father: Good, child. Suffering isn’t something to be avoided and scared of in the sense that it isn’t punishment but instead a chance to share in My Passion and unite even more with this One Holy Love. See? What a gift!

Me: Lord, how do I get others to see this as a gift? (I see again the Face, like on the Shroud of Turin.) Do the bishop and priest need a sign? I don’t know if it is singular or not.

Lord God Almighty Father: The sign will be the peace in their hearts when they make a holy confession.

Me: Lord, I can’t tell priest and bishop to go to confession. They are above me. You gave your servant in Guadeloupe a sign. The roses. Please if I have to share this message, please send a sign too. For them.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, you cannot command the wind and the sea. That is for Me alone. But so be your little heart, it is sincere. You will find a tree with roots carved out My Name.

Me: What?

Lord God Almighty Father: Calling out My Name.

Me: I don’t understand. (I still don’t know if it’s carved/carving or called/calling.)

Lord God Almighty Father: See and believe, little one. Your faith, it is an easy one, like it a child. You know miracles are as much burning bush as a burning heart, on fire with the Holy Spirit. You know that a baby is a miracle like your son, God’s Gift.

Me: Yes, Lord. Thank you for him and also my little family.

I do not mean in any way to test you. I just don’t know how to tell someone above me what you do. But it’s not me really either?

Lord God Almighty Father: Light child, little child, get some rest for your body is weary. Be at peace. Rest your mind but remain fervent in prayer. Always.

Me: Good night, Lord. I love you. Thank you for talking with me even when I am a wayward daughter. Love you.

Lord God Almighty Father: Sing my praises with the rising of the sun.

Jan. 18, 2021
Me: Lord? Sorry I haven’t been listening.

Lord God Almighty Father: Good to admit your faults. Better to keep your words simple. I know your heart.

Me: I’m sorry.

Lord God Almighty Father: Best to be contrite and sincere in love. And forgiveness will be yours. You are so simple, daughter. I see you do not listen. You are scared.

Me: I am.

Lord God Almighty Father: You know that fear isn’t of Me. Why didn’t you come to Me?

Me: I didn’t think to. It’s like I try everything else and avoid talking with you. I don’t really know why. I’ve had plenty of time.

Lord God Almighty Father: The devil is working on you, see? You are easy prey. So many of My children are. This is why you must make prayer your life.

Me: How? How do you do that? I’m not a religious priest or nun.

Lord God Almighty Father: Everything you do, offer it up to Me.

Me: Oh, I do that with my morning prayers.

Lord God Almighty Father: But do you think of it again after that? Do you offer up a sacrifice of no cookie (I had mentioned this in an earlier message) to Me? I like no cookie sacrifices (He’s serious and joking with Me).

Little one, be about My word/work. Be about what I call you to do. You have little more time on the earth. Be about My work.

Me: Lord, I’m sorry. Was it word or work? (Trying to clarify which word I heard.)

Lord God Almighty Father: Are they not the same? You are My prophet, and I call you to write. For you, My word is your work. There is nothing more important.

Me: Lord, I’m a terrible prophet. But I am going to try to say less since you told me that earlier. Sorry.

Lord God Almighty Father: You are weak because you pray so little. You should be spending hours in prayer on you knees. St. Peregrine has asked to help you with this. This is why you saw him the other night.

Me: Oh, Lord. I wondered. I started his novena and promptly forgot by day three. Yes, thank you. He looked so intense. It was intimidating even. I couldn’t hear him. Thank you for sending him. Thank you for all of your angels and saints.

Lord? I know I talk too much but I also want to come to you with my problems. More people are reading, and I don’t have any one to advise Me. I’m afraid I’m going to say something wrong. I mean, cookies? I don’t want the devil to trick Me.

Lord God Almighty Father: Remember what you heard when you saw St. Peregrine?

Me: I did hear something. I forgot. Be silent! Be still!

Lord God Almighty Father: Those were from him. That is why it seemed harsher than when you hear Me. He wants for you to obey. Remember what you read about him? How he was a rebel in his youth? He converted and learned to be of My work. He was greatly blessed even when he suffered. He helped many in Confession. He will help you.

Me: Will he be my spiritual advisor? I don’t have one.

Lord God Almighty Father: No, little one. He will not be. (Chuckling.)

Me: Is there anything else you want me to write?

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, come find your peace with Me. Peace be with you. I will be your comfort. I long for this. Be about My Work. Your will is needed for Me to work through you. Your “yes” is important. Give Me your “yes” everyday.

Me: Okay, thank you, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Be at peace.

Note: The above message I got in the middle of the night, at 3am. When I saw St. Peregrine a few nights before it was also about this time (3 am). I got up out of bed and wrote it down. Later, I went back to bed and was awoken again around 5 am. But this time with just an image: the Pieta prayer book. I own this book but haven’t touched it in probably a few years. I asked what I was to pray from it. I knew internally the answer was the whole thing. So then I asked where to start because it is long, and I am not sure I can pray the whole thing, and I again knew internally to start with the St. Joseph prayer.

January 15-16, 2021
Silence!… Attack!-heard during dinner.

Be silent. Be still.-heard in early morning hours. I also saw St. Peregrine at this time.

Neither of these were God’s voice. The first one felt like I was overhearing a battle cry. I heard clanks too, like in a battle scene in a movie. The second one was a very firm, intense voice.

January 14, 2021
Lord God Almighty Father: Be willing to write when I call. This is a gift, and you have much work to do. Be about My work. Leave tomorrow (for) tomorrow.

Jan. 9 ,2021
Me: Dear Lord, thank you for all of your graces. You are a good and Gracious God. Are there any words for me to write? Is there a reason you guided me to Mark 12:14?

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, do not put off your prayers. Sacrafice and give thanks. Do not grow weary and neglect your prayers. Your life is not long on this world.

Me: Oh great. Sorry. That just doesn’t sound good. Sorry, I don’t mean to be so familiar. Again. Okay, so what am I to do? I feel I am always working. How do I do keep working and keep my focus on You? Wow, I am an awful sounding daughter. Sorry, Lord. I guess there are times I am not working and not looking to You either. Lots of time really. The world is very distracting. How can I do better?

I am being attacked right now. I can hear it. The cackling noise trying to pull me away, a voice trying to mimic You. I pray you to cover me with your precious Blood in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name. And cover my family with Jesus’ Precious Blood and by His Precious Wounds. Mary, protect us under your mantle. Joseph, protect us. St. Michael defend us.