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April 20 thru June 13, 2021

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June 13, 2021
I’ve been directed to share about a time I’ve been deceived.

I kept hearing for about a week, “Four and twenty blackbirds, a pocket full of rye.”

I ignored it at first, thinking it was my imagination. But it on kept repeating as soon as I woke up, throughout the day, at night, etc. I finally took the time to look it up. I found out it’s part of a nursery rhyme, “Sing a Song of Sixpence,” but a little out of order. I tried to figure out what it could possibly mean and why I was hearing it. I had heard once we were to store up on grains (wheat, barley and rye specifically), so I thought it might be related.

So I spent some time on this, trying to figure it out and getting more and more confused. It didn’t make a lot of sense.

After a few days, I finally prayed about it. And it became very clear that this wasn’t a Bible passage but a nursery rhyme I was trying to make sense of. It was not something the Lord had directed me to.

Then I heard a demonic laughter. It was like I had been pranked and now that I knew it was a prank, the culprit was laughing and pointing at me. It seems like the point was to waste my time. Then the laughter went away. I didn’t hear it or the nursery rhyme anymore after that.

I should have prayed about what I heard a lot sooner. I lost precious time with which I should have been praying or listening for actual words.

Prayer is our first defense.

June 4, 2021
Me: Lord? What do you want me to write?

Lord God Almighty Father: My dear child, you have been away from Me.

Me: I know. I don’t know why I didn’t listen for You. I have been away.

Lord God Almighty Father: Beware the devil doesn’t steal your time. It is a precious gift from Me, your Father. Would you not lock up your valuables from a thief? Then why do you leave your time unguarded?

Prayer guards your mind, body and soul. You are easy prey, little ones, when you do not stay in constant prayer.

(To me) Your body is fighting you.

Me: I have offered it up but, yes, you know that Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Be at peace with this. It is good to suffer and offer up suffering. So few know the value of an act of (offering up?) suffering for your Savior. It is a salve for My Jesus on the Cross. It lightens My Heart to offer Him even the smallest relief. Won’t you alleviate His suffering?

My thoughts: How joyful it makes me to know I/we can be of use in this way! Such a gift that God would have such a plan where we lowly creatures can be of service! It makes me feel like a little kid so happy to help a parent with a big kid’s chore.

Me: Jesus, I offer you this pain. This headache, etc. for whatever you wish. My Jesus, I love you. I know I already offered it up, but I’m doing it is again.


I haven’t found carved tree roots or roots calling out Your Name. What am I to do? (This refers back to an earlier message where I asked for a sign and this was what I was to look for -April 7, 2021)

I hear “Jesse’s tree.”

I then see Jesus on the Cross and roots coming from the bottom of the Cross. It’s like I’m looking from above. I can see the Crown of Thorns on His Head and the back of the Cross but not His Face. Below the Cross are roots, but they are not underground. The Cross itself isn’t attached to the ground, but just floating like. There is blackness beyond it.

Lord God Almighty Father: Jesus is the Tree of Life. My Church is rooted in Jesus and His suffering on the Cross. My Bride must suffer with Me. Otherwise, her roots whither and must be chopped off for the fire. Remain rooted in Me to live.

Me: But roots don’t get chopped off? Branches maybe, not roots? They’re underground? What/where are the branches?

Lord God Almighty Father: Little child, little child you asked to see. Repeatedly said…

I see Jesus again on the Cross…like before from above. But now close up of His shoulders and back splintered, bloody, dug into the Tree, the Cross. It is not just the roots, it is the whole Cross that He is nailed against. It is the Crown of Thorns too…it is His Humanity and Divinity attached/ nailed to us out of love. He attached Himself to the Cross; it is our suffering, our sins like melded together. It is the whole Tree, the whole Cross: it is all the Church. The suffering I feel Him in has brought me to tears. The only sound is labored breathing, but it may be my own. I call out to Mother Mary to help like I am on the Cross too. I see Her face. Her eyes. She is comfort. She is relief. In Her eyes, I see love. (I only see Her face below the Cross, looking up when I called out. Blackness engulfs the rest of what I see.)

Oh, how we make Him suffer! The pain from outside the Cross is nothing close to the pain from the Cross.

Me: Lord, Her eyes are so beautiful.

How do I go about having a normal day tomorrow after seeing this? Knowing this pain?

“You don’t.” I heard that before I wrote the question even.

What am I to do?

Lord God Almighty Father: Feed My sheep.

Me: Lord? But I am a sheep.

He laughs at this.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, the suffering of your brothers and sisters is with you. Feed them.

Feed them with these words. Feed them with your kindness. Feed them all. Feed one another as I have fed you.

Me: Are you taking about the Eucharist?

Lord God Almighty Father: I have given Myself to you. The Mystery of the Eucharist unites you with Me as I united Myself with you. This choice of accepting the Eucharist with a clean soul is your “yes” to Me. As I have (shared) Myself on the Cross, so too I allow you to share in this great glory of God made man.

So feed My sheep, dear Sheperds. Do not let My sheep go hungry.

Dear child, you are not a Sheperd, but you feed your fellow lambs with My words. Do not be scared to do this. You do not know what a gift this is. I will not lead you wrong. Tell the Sheperds to feed My sheep with clean hands and hearts. They must make a Holy Confession to do so.

Do not be afraid. I am with you.

Me: Thank you Lord. I love you.

Do not be afraid I am with you.

I have called you each by name.

Come and follow Me.

I will lead you home.

I love you and you are mine.

-You Are Mine song by David Haas comes to mind.

May 21, 2021
Me: Dear Jesus, are there any words today?

Lord God Almighty Father: Be still, My child. Be still in the Spirit.

Me: Lord, I am weary.

May 18, 2021
Me: I heard you calling my name. What would you like me to write?

Dear, Jesus. I have been so tired. Thank you for the rest.

Speak, Lord. I love to listen to your voice. See, Lord, here I am.

Lord God Almighty Father: Child, you have been away a long time. What good is it to you to waste your time so? I am not something to be done later, to be cast aside and brought back out when you will.

My thoughts: I realize now that how I’d been left out by some friends earlier this week and how rejected I felt by this and I had been talking to God about is the same if not worse rejection I had been doing with Him, but for work.

Me: Lord, I don’t know how to work less. It takes my everything it seems. I’m off now. Is this part of your plan?

“You are to write.” I heard again today. What am I to write? This?

Lord God Almighty Father: Child, you look for the simple in the complicated and the complicated in the simple. Haven’t I told/instructed you this is not your way? You are a simple creature. Put your faith in Me. There is no need for so much thought.

Pray. Pray instead. Let your thoughts be of thanksgiving and prayers for your brothers and sisters in Christ. There is much need for compassion towards your brothers and sisters now. You feel like (they are) strangers? Yes, but that is not My Will or My barriers that you see. Pray and discern. What is placed in the light cannot be hidden. Do not put a basket over the light.

May 14, 2021
When I was waking (maybe dream?), I saw Jesus on the bank of a river standing at a bend. He was wearing white with a red sash and sandals. He had a white cloth slung over His right arm like how the alter server has a little cloth for the priest to wipe his hands on. Two small fish were next to his left ear, floating in the air. It was a bright, pretty day out. The river was prestine. He was looking directly at me.

May 1, 2021
Lord God Almighty Father: Lo and behold! The Kingdom of God is at hand! Repent! Repent of your sins, or you will die with fright. Repent, My children.

Dream that night: I got a bunch of Seven Sorrow Rosaries. Piles of them. The beads turned to pearls.


April 20, 2021
Me: Lord, I am tired. I am upset. I am unsure. I turn to you. I trust in you. I am sorry for all the wrong I do and the good I do not do. God help me. Lord, are there any words you want me to write tonight?

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter write this: …(I hear nothing)…

Me: Oh, Lord, where are you?

Lord God Almighty Father: The wind whispers. Who shall hear Me cry? Be like the wise man, the wise virgin and be prepared. You do not know the hour or the day of My return.

Such little faith is in the Earth. Do you not recognize your Father, children? This is a lie by the enemy. He tries to blind you.

*I remember the addition of the Flame of Love line to the prayer the Hail Mary to blind the devil…see note 1.

Lord God Almighty Father: Yes, that’s right. Use that along with the Rosary and many prayers and fasting. Repentance isn’t the easy path, but it is the necessary path. Repent too and you will feel peace in your soul. The time is coming of many changes. Not all will be good for My people. You have much suffering ahead of you, but this does not mean you have to be without peace. My peace I give to you. It comes from Me and is rooted in My Heart and My Love, which I freely give you. Come. Come to the table of plenty. Come feed upon My Flesh and My Blood. For true love will not be separated by earthly means, desires. These are but a mockery of My Word, these ways of the world. I call for repentance, fasting and prayer and am met with indifference. Woe to the man lukewarm, he will be spat from My Mouth. How can one know love and be indifferent to it? It is a heart corrupted, a heart cold. But be at peace! My heart is the Furnace of Love! Send Me your wounded, your shamed, your forgotten, and I will warm them. I will be there. I am always there. I am. Be at peace. Bring your loved ones who know no love or how to love to Me. Send them up in prayer. Send them through Mary. Send them through the many intercessors. Send them to Me with your prayers. It is not forgotten or lost to pray for the hardened sinner. Even if you see no change, continue your prayers. Call on Mary as Sorrowful Mother. Pray her rosary (Seven Sorrows Rosary). There is no lost cause when there is love. Love your brothers and sisters. Even if they are far from Me, all hope is not lost. How can it be? I am your Heavenly Father and all things come through/to Me. How do you think I do not hear your prayers? Prayers must align with My Will, it is true, but conversion and found sheep are very dear to Me. I long to hear these prayers! There are so few who pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ! Would I not offer help when a sibling looks out for another? Why do you continue to act like your prayers have no worth? Isn’t it that the words of a child humbly spoken to a loving Father (are) heard? Why must you persevere with your doubt?

Me: Oh, Father! I do not have an excuse. Please help me not to doubt and always remember my brothers and my sisters in prayer. How should I pray for them?

**The Seven Sorrows Rosary-internally knew before even getting out the question. (See note 2.)

Lord God Almighty Father: Sacrafice and offer the sacrafice up to Me like a perfume to make your prayers more potent.

Little actions taken each day are not overlooked by Me. Love Me in the small things, in the small moments, and the larger ones will come easier. You don’t need that candy for instance.

My note: I’d been wanting a piece of chocolate and was going to get one after writing. Sigh.

Me: No, Lord. I offer up that piece of chocolate I was looking forward to.

My note: I guess it’d be better if I did it happily. I’m a work in progress!

Me: Lord? I offer up all those in my family who are completely totally far from you and my friends and anyone reading who also has family and friends far away. Let them please turn to you. Walk to you. Find you. Or you find them. I know they have free will and must seek you. But please Lord, take even a look up or a glance in your direction as enough. And you lead them home from there. You can do anything. I trust in You. You will provide the grace they need to find the “yes” they need to utter. Please, Lord. Take my humble little prayers and help them. And me and believers not to lose our “yes” when darkness and confusion swirl around us. Take our “yeses” and run with them.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, it is good for you to do My Will. Be patient. Be love. In your every task, be love. Think before you speak. Think before you act. Defend Me and the Truth. Be deligent in prayer so you are not deceived. Many false prophets roam the Earth now; many minions of the evil one wait to devour the retrobate. Many things will come to pass that will shock you if you do not know the Word. Be a light for others in this dark time. Be the peace you want to see in your brothers and sisters. Hold your tongue when it comes to judgements (judging others). You are no better than another brother or sister in Christ. Be at peace, little one. My peace I give you. I love you.

Me: I love you too. Thank you. Thank you for the, “I love you” at the end. Thank you! I do not deserve that.

Lord God Almighty Father: Love, My Love, is not deserved. You would never be able to be good enough to deserve it. That is why I freely give it. Be at peace.

Me: I love you, God. Good night.


*Note 1: This addition comes from The Flame of Love book by Elizabeth Kindelmann. I don’t know if it’s Church approved or not. Please discern carefully as always with any messages.
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee,
blessed are Thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
**Note 2: The Seven Sorrows Rosary is to be in addition to not in place of traditional Rosaries. The Seven Sorrow Rosary is said to help even hardened hearts convert!