Message from Lord God the Almighty Father

By Words and Dreams

February 18 and February 20, 2021

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Feb. 18, 2021

Me: Lord? Are there any words? I know I am distracted and can’t focus. Holy Spirit, please heal me. Open my heart and spirit and brain. Thank you. I trust in You.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, do not fear the unknown. The cold is upon you, but didn’t I tell you the seasons would know no bounds?

Me: But it is normally snowy now (where I live)?

Lord God Almighty Father: Yes, for you. But you can feel how this isn’t normal? See how the powers that be control the movements and actions of the people? You are under control more and more and that uneasiness you feel but don’t name is the recognition of this control. You see, daughter? The good will be called bad and the bad good, and there will be much confusion and fear. This is why you must continue in prayer and have your eyes to/towards Heaven. The world will only fool you now. Yes, the snow and sleet will continue. The cold hearts will grow and multiply. They are worse than the frozen ground or trees or crops. Pray much for the frozen hearts, the cold hearts who are far from Me. Rejoice! They, like charcoal, can kindle again. They are not ever-lasting stone. I can form diamonds out of charcoal if it be in your will to help your brothers and sisters. (Me: He can do the impossible.) But so few know! So few see! (They see) a rock as only a rock. So few remember Me and how to pray. They are easily deceived. So pray much for them, those (of you) who believe. You are needed. You are free to do this or not. But think of the rejoicing in Heaven when even one lost sheep returns. Is that sheep your actual brother or sister, a brother or sister in Christ? How can you refuse if you say you love Me to not also do my bidding by helping your brothers and sisters? Do not dishonor Me with false words and promises. It is better to not promise and to be humble. Offer up all you do to Me.

Me: Lord? Work is taking all my hours? When I’m not working, I’m thinking about it. I do not want to make it a false god, and I am not pleased with this but don’t know how to change it?

Lord God Almighty Father: You worry about many things, daughter. Just offer your days, your joys and sufferings to Me. Stop looking for fights and be at peace. Bring joy to your colleagues and not a gossiping tongue. You can work for Me even when you think you are away from Me. You are not. I go to work with you too, see? It is not to take you away from Me. Do I leave the farmers when they go out into the fields? Do I leave the sailors when they go out into/to the sea? So why do you think I would leave you when you are at work? We may not talk, but I am there. Be at peace. This worry is not a worry. Soon work will not be the same. Spread the love of God to your colleagues now. You have much work to do. Your presence is important even if you don’t see how. I can work through anything, make anything, do anything. I can work through you if you give Me your yes.

Me: Yes, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, I am pleased with your yes and your moments you give Me and (when you) think about Me in your joys. They are precious to Me too. I can use joys and sufferings and mundane minutes even, but remember Me. Be about My work. There are many distractions meant to pull you from prayer. These lost moments hurt you and your brothers and sisters. They may seem easier and fun but they have a sinister purpose by the evil one. I ask you to discern. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Evil is making more bold appearances because so few bother to discern. It is easy, and the devil’s demons (or it may have been devil/demon) always pick the easiest path.

Pray to St. Michael and your guardian angel. Pray to all the ones in your household (family members’ guardian angels). They were chosen for you and this time as were you. I do not make mistakes. They are your helps. Why do you not call upon them every day? Make their hearts sing with Eucharist adoration. Invite them. They rejoice so much in My presence and want to share in that rejoicing with you. Be brave. Make Spiritual Communions when you are far from Me physically. You will suffer much, yes. But do not be afraid. I am with you. I have called you and expect much from you, little one. Begin. Your calling isn’t this or that. Stop fighting. Your calling is your life. Offer it to Me. Each day. No need to feel torn. Give it all to Me. There is no other way but the way of the devil. It cannot be split. (The path). Rejoice, you are My daughter. I will rejoice in you, My little creations, and you rejoice in Me in all of creation. See Me in all your brothers and sisters in Christ. Help them. Be at peace. Love and serve Me. I love you, little one. Be at peace.

Me: Thank you, Lord. Amen.


Feb. 20,2021

I saw a blue hymnal book upon waking. The book was shut and had no title on it, but I knew internally that it was a hymnal book.

Which one exactly doesn’t seem to matter so much. I felt that I was to get this book and use it even if just in my own home, and I should encourage others too as well. God wants us to sing!