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March 1 thru March 18, 2021

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Message from God the Father

March 1, 2021

God Almighty Father: You are to use your free time to pray.


March 17, 2021

Me: Lord, I miss being at Church with you. I miss you in Eucharist Adoration. I guess I am not being held back from it. Lord, are there any words? Sorry I am not being silent as needed. Lord, can you at least let me know it’s you? I don’t want to be tricked. I’m so tired.

Lord God Almighty Father: My little daughter, always looking for problems. Have more faith, child. Do not fear. Your heart is weary because you distance yourself from Me, from prayer, and talking with Me.

Me: I know. I always regret it, but I don’t understand why I do it. Why, Lord?

Lord God Almighty Father: The soul is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Me: How do you make the flesh less weak? Or the soul more willing? I know already. The answer is prayer, right? But how do I pray more when it seems like I’m battling praying? Lord?

Lord God Father Almighty: Daughter.

Me: Yes, Lord? What do you want me to write?

Lord God Almighty Father: Yes, you need to direct your thoughts not to your own needs. That is how you are weak in the flesh. Look beyond. Direct your thoughts to your brothers and sisters. Let yourself be moved by the Holy Spirit to pray with compassion for them. You are looking inward at your own weaknesses and limitations. Surely I say to you this is the work of the devil. He brings about the weaknesses to your mind over and over again. He is relentless. Surely you know this. Why do you fall so easily into his traps? You have the power to simply walk away. How? Pray! It is your armor and fortress. I am your God! If you choose Me as your God and Savior, what is there to fear? Even death has no power over Me. Why, then do you fall for easy tricks and lies from the enemy? Discern! You have been given much, My children. You do not need to act like beggars. Use your gifts. Prayer is the incense to praise Me. Why would I fashion My children out of weakness? You mistake humility and weakness. Surely you are powerful as My instruments of love. The devil wants you to forget. He wants you to lie down and sleep. But this is not to be! Fight, My (good) soldiers of the light. Defend Me and My Church. You will be much ridiculed, but you are not weak. (You are) not to be weak in the faith. You ask for many helps, daughter. I am pleased to give them to you when it suits My Will. How many others never ask. Tell your brothers and sisters to pray for discernment and for gifts of grace. I want to give them, but I need to be asked. Not all gifts are easy. Sometimes with discernment comes sadness. Remember the young man who went away sad because he had many possessions? Some will be saddened. But the truth in the end is joy. Do you understand?

Me: No. Not really. But I understand to do Your Will is to pray and ask for graces, but I may be sad. God? If joy is to be in our hearts, how can I also be sad?

Lord God Almighty Father: Look at Mary. Look at the Sorrowful and Joyful Mysteries braided/entwined with the Glorious. Like the Holy Trinity, how can Three be One and One, Three? This is beyond your little mind. Just trust it to be so.

Me: Okay. Thank you. Be both joyful and sorrowful. But glorious? Only you are glorious!

Lord God Almighty Father: My dear daughter, all of My creation is glorious, and that includes you. This knowledge is a gift I give you today. So many are sad. This trick of the devil to believe you are nothing of worth is eradicated in the knowledge that the glorious can be found in you too since you are My creation. This three in one and one in three (joyful/sorrowful/glorious) honors Me and Mother Mary and all My children. We are three in one and one in three. This isn’t the dogma/doctrine of the Holy Trinity, little one. (He knows the question in my heart asking if He’s talking about the Trinity). This is the emotions, the life and death and resurrection, resung again and again. This song is sad and joyful and glorious all at once, and I invite you to sing to Me and with your brothers and sisters and the angels and saints. This harmony of light propels the good in the world. Yes, pray. Pray the Rosary. Sing the songs of thanksgiving and praise. Your voice is needed, see? A choir is much more than one or two.

Me: God, I’m lost. I don’t understand. I’m to pray the Rosary or do something glorious, or You are glorious?

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, little one. I love you. Stop trying to solve these mysteries. You don’t need to understand. You are no scholar.

Me: Okay, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: You are my child.

Me: Yes, I like that.

Lord God Almighty Father: And your brother and sisters are also My beloved children.

Me: Yes.

Lord God Almighty Father: So won’t you pray for them?

Me: Yes. How do you want me to pray?

Lord God Almighty Father: My Son has taught you the words already. You know this. But quiet prayer before Me is preferred/best. And sing! So few songs to Me now with the Churches limited. It will get worse, these limits. But for today, sing and prase Me. Pray for the Chruch and especially My favored sons (I got a sense quicky of anger here towards some. It was frightening!)

Me: Some (priests/religious) need to repent for something? Lord, anytime I’ve reached out to religious, it’s like they patronize me and bat me away or ignore me. I find it hard to pray for them when they treat me like that. I’ve seen so little from them since this pandemic started. I see more help from local groups (charities) than the Church towards its people. I know I am not to judge. Sorry.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, I know your heart. That is not sincere. You are not to lie to Me. (I wasn’t sorry.)

Me: Sorry about the lie. I am upset they don’t help. Why are they not helping? I know some are, so I can’t generalize like that. But this sheep would like a sheperd.

Lord God Almighty Father: I am your Sheperd. I will be your Personal Sheperd.

Me: (I feel my heart softening.) Lord, please continue to soften my heart and let me forgive and also seek forgiveness.

Lord God Almighty Father: Good, child. You and, yes, your brothers and sisters in Christ have much to endure. The storm

Me: (interrupting) Nooo!
I don’t want to hear about a storm or anything bad coming. No.
Ugh. I don’t want to. Nooo. No. No. No.
No…(long pause)

Lord God Almighty Father: The storm will bring you and the Church to its knees. It must be cut down and reborn. The stench of sin is like an infection that needs cut away.

Me: And this cut? Is it famine and war and death and pestilence? I don’t want them. Tell them to go away.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, do not be afraid. I am with you. I have called you by name, remember? This is the way of a prophet. Jeremiah cried. You will too. (Lovingly said.)

Seek strength in Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus (I sometimes pray to Baby Jesus and call Him that). Yes, He will be your strength. The Infant. The Infant has come again, but do you recognize Him? Do you know? He is in your heart, yes. He is with you. Say your Spiritual Communions and seek him in the Eucharistic Feast.

Me: Good night. I love you. Amen.

Lord God Almighty Father: Peace I leave you. Be at peace, little one.

My commentary: I don’t mean to throw a tantrum when God is giving me a message. It is what I did though. I’m embarrassed but am leaving the words as it was. Oh, and we really need to pray for the priests and religious. That anger was, well, I’ll just say we need to pray for those He’s angry with as well as those He’s not angry with who are trying to be good shepherds.


March 18, 2021

When waking I saw “7 days.

I also saw “40 1 and 2”, and a word I couldn’t hold on to.

I then saw the word “chrysanthemum”.

I don’t understand these. Maybe it’s nothing. I did see that in seven days from this date it will be the feast of the Annunciation. I once was told in a dream that the light of the Church was to go out on first Saturdays and on the Feast of the Annunciation.

Maybe Mary would like some chrysanthemums for the feast day.

I saw these flowers once in a dream too. They were gold I believe and surrounded mother Mary as she held Baby Jesus. They were like a border framing them. It was very beautiful!