Come to Me

By Words and Dreams

November 6 and November 10, 2021

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November 6, 2021

Our Lord God Almighty Father: Come to Me.


November 20, 2021

Me: Lord God Almighty Father, are there any words you want me to write?

Lord God Almighty Father: Your heart is troubled.

Me: Very, I can’t get calm it seems. I’m doing that thing where I run away. I always do that. I try to keep busy and push and go and go and not pray. Why do I always do that? Why do you have me write when I am so disobedient to your calling? Other people are much better listeners than me. I’m sorry I’m not grateful for hearing your calls. Is there anything you want me to write or are you done with me as your writer? Was Paul like this? Or John maybe? Was he scared when you showed him Revelations?

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, I am pleased you are here now.

Me: Why, Lord? I seem to never be there for you. I’m sorry.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, little one. Be at peace. My peace I give to you. There now. You feel it.

Me: Yes. Thank you. If I feel like this, I don’t want to leave. Why do I leave? Oh Lord, stay with me.

Lord God Almighty Father: You are being called by the world. You hear that? (I heard like a little laugh.) There is evil all around. Do not be afraid. No, you are not hearing voices in the traditional meaning of your doctors. You are hearing spirits. They try to trick you, yes? It’s okay to write it. Sometimes the voices sound like Me, but they are not (Me). They leave with a laugh when you figure it out. If you catch them when you are deep in prayer and contemplation-especially when you contemplate My Holy Wounds can they be made gone-imagine how many they fool daily when they do not pray. It is not My Voice that calls you to self-pity or greed. Yet many bemoan what they have and what they do not. Truly I give the gifts of life and light and sun/Son. Truly there is no god before Me. But many make themselves god. So how can My calls for humility be heard? It is easier to hear the voices of the world, the voices of the evil spirits. So they do (hear the evil voices).

Be at peace, little one. Come to Me to find peace. You will not find peace with the noise of the spirits. That is how you can discern. Contemplate My Holy Wounds when in need. Ask to be placed inside My Wounded Heart. It is safe. It is a refuge. No evil can reach there. It burns with love! Just like your sins were forgiven through the Death on the Cross, so do sins burn away at the Foot of the Cross. But one must seek confession and My forgiveness. Be at peace, daughter. Do not be afraid to share this message. The voices need to be known. The evils are getting more bold. Soon they will speak out in the streets instead of whisper in the dark. Be aware of the hour, for it is late. Do not be caught unawares beyond the gate.

(Later the same night) Me: You told me to wake. Yes, Lord?

Lord God Almighty Father: Do not fear the night. Only fear being without Me.

Me: Yes, Lord?

Lord God Almighty Father: Do not slumber.

Me: I am awake now.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, you need to remember that sleep can be done in the day. Do not rest when you are to work. Do not work in the vineyards of your own mastership when Mine go unattended. Remember no god before Me! This include your gods of work and labor. Your rest should be rest within Me, celebrating My Works and being thankful for all I’ve given you. Not exhaustion. Your exhaustion comes from worldly persuits and justifications of such pursuits. Trust in Me. Stay with Me. And I will show you your true work, yes, weaved inside your day. If only you’ll listen, what a beautiful day it will be! Even if there is heartache, I will bring solace like a salve for your wounds. If there is joy, I will sing it out with you and the angels and saints. How can you be lonely? How can you fear? You only hide when you know your “yes” and My “yes” are not the same. Then your heart becomes sad. Read your feelings as they too are a gift from Me. I am not saying you will always be in joy if you remain with Me. Remember I too suffered greatly. The Mysteries include Sorrow. Sorrow, like joy, are part of life. But they are all gifts. They all have importance. Like day and night. Learn from Me. Be with Me. Remain in Me (in My Sorrowful, Wounded Heart).

Me: How Lord? Prayer?

Lord God Almighty Father: Child, make your every act a prayer. Offer up your day to me in the morning and give thanks in the evening. Rest within My Sorrowful Heart and meditate on My Holy Wounds, on My Life, Death and Resurrection (the Rosary came to my mind). Forget not My Mother and the angels and the saints. Pride cannot be your bedfellow/companion. You must place Me above all else. Otherwise the hard times will be too much, and you won’t turn to Me in your hour of need. Practice full reliance on Me until you truly can completely rely on Me with no worries. Start little.


The following was a little prayer He then guided Me to write and pray:

Oh God, help me to do better. Help me in all that I do that it is found worthy of You because it is guided by You. Let my voice and my choices be Yours alone in all that I do for your greater glory, God the Father. Amen.

My thoughts: God the Father knows my thoughts so well. He knew I didn’t want to mention hearing little evil laughs because I know how strange that sounds. But I did hear it and sometimes do. It happens when I discern something-like a thought isn’t from God. It’s like it got caught and will go away at least for now but will have a good laugh at me first for being tricked in the first place.