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September 8 thru October 10, 2021

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September 8, 2021

Me: Sorry, Lord. I’m glad you don’t get sick of me. Just sorry. I have my fingers in my ears, and I’m going “lalala” so I can’t hear. Giving my time to the worldly I guess. Just to distract…

I paused and asked for protection by Jesus’ Holy Wounds and Precious Blood. I heard a scraping noise outside, like a branch scraping the house and then a mighty storm started.

Lord God Almighty Father: And little will you hear of Me but the wind blowing and the storm howling, and yet I was the scrape. I was the little noise that alerted you. You feel a fear now, daughter, and also a relief. The storm rages but you know you and your family are safe inside. Imagine being inside my Sacred Wounds, My Sacred Heart. True protection is for your soul. Bring your family inside My Sacred Heart and my Mother’s. Yes, we are joined in love, in sacrifice, for our children. Do not fear the storm. Only fear being without (Me). For who can love when I am not present? This is like how can there be day without the sun? So true it is also how can there be day without the Son? Is it a coincidence those words in your language (sun/sun)?

What say you? What little noise you hear is to define, to deny, to impress upon the makers of the everyday, of the ordinary. You cannot couple the unknown with the familiar and the families with the outcasts. We are neither alone or forgotten. We are a family. How can we not be?*

Me: Lord. I’m having a hard time hearing you? (I’m trying to understand what is being said and paused in my writing.)

Lord God Almighty Father: You stand so still. The writers way is with the pen. Do not sleep, little child.

Me: Yes, Lord?

Lord God Almighty Father: Be open to My call. You do not know when I will call. Be ready to write. There is nothing more important for you now.

Me: Really? My job or family? Writing is really first? Lord, am I to just write these or is there something, more like a book? Am I missing something?

Lord God Almighty Father: Little child, you look for gold amongst the weeds. Stop looking in the weeds and turn your face to Heaven. Let the Son/sun warm your face and let the Son’s Arms embrace you. Yes, there is nothing to fear but being away from Me. Stay close and keep your family close. There is little time now. You have much to prepare. How can you prepare the way for souls if you do not pray and teach others to pray? You do not have to be a priest to teach another prayer. Teach your children. Reteach your own heart. Look at the Bible and read it. So many stories are not told to anyone. Tell them! Spend time with Me everyday. Be patient. Be kind. Love one another as I have loved you. What does that look like? It is not judging others. Yes, I want you to remember the girl (prostitute at the well) who was so hated by the people. What do I care what the others thought of her? Sins are only forgoven through Me. So who were they to judge? Do not find yourself judgemntal of another’s faults. You do not want judged in return. Faith based communities will need strengthened and grown. Start with your own heart. Then move to your family’s. See? You are a little church. Preserve it. Protect it. Make it grow with love. Let Me visit the Tabernacles of your heart. Do not fear the storm. You are safe inside My Heart. Come to Me, those who fear; I will give you rest. Go now. Tell your brothers and your sisters these words. Do not fear telling them My messages even when you are unsure of a word or two. I will guide you. You just give your “yes”. Thank you, My daughter.

Me: Thank you, Lord. Please keep us safe from harm, from sickness, from the storm and especially from the devil and all his tricks and attacks. I love you.

*My notes: I don’t really understand this paragraph, but I think God may be saying no one is an outcast, and we are all family. So we need to treat others like we’re family. We just have to look beyond the ordinary, what the world presents to us, to see that. I’m also not sure I got all the words right in this paragraph.

October 5, 2021

Me: Yes, Lord? Sorry for again avoiding this work. I’ve heard you call. Yes?

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, there is little time for you. Don’t let your heart be troubled and run away from My calling. That is not from Me. Do not let the enemy steal your time. Do not be afraid. I am with you always.

Me: Thank you, Lord. I love to hear your voice. Jesus, I love you.

October 9, 2021

Me: Lord, I’m trying to understand that September message, and I just can’t make sense of the one paragraph…what does it mean? Did I write it down wrong?

I’m away, I know. I’m sorry for rushing and rushing with nowhere in particular to go. Just rushing to be mindless, I guess.

Lord is anything you want me to write? Please?

Lord God Almighty Father: I have been waiting for you to pick up the pen.

Me: Sorry.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, when will you awake?

Me: Sorry.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, you cannot keep running away. I see you. I am here beside you. There is no where for you to run where My love is not. But do you want it? Unreciprocated love I have no place for.

Me: Lord, I love you. Sorry. You accept the sinner and the prostitute and the lowly and the meek and those that turn to you in their last minute. Please accept foolish me too.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, wake up. You daze so. The enemy keeps you in a stupor when prayer is weak. You know how to break free. Spend your time with Me. Do not worry what (the) others think or what else your day brings.

Don’t worry so about the every day. It is all in My plan, see? No need to be frustrated. If I keep you away from someone, I have My reason. Yes, it may hurt to take new paths away from the familiar, but it also helps you see who is truly dependent on Me and (who) are My children the light. You see the darkness is getting more amassed (little unsure if this was the right word here or right tense), and I am lowering my Arm. Who will see My Son in all His Glory? What generation called Her blessed? Every generation? Does this generation remember to call out, “Oh Blessed Mother of God!”

How can it not? She stomps the head while he strikes at Her heel but She crushes the head. She holds My Son in Her heart and Her heart overfloweth (overflows?) with love and devotion, and She is bright as the sun because She is clothed in the sun and the Son is He.

How can it not be so? Yes, you see the bright shining from her heart.* Do not fear, the dark (darkness) ends! Have faith! How can you fear when you are bathed in the light! Reflect the light for your brothers and sisters, little children. Be the reflection. Pray much. Call for intercession and helps. Pray unceasingly. And do not fear the night!

Me: Lord? What did that paragraph mean please (September 2021 message)? And thank you. I feel so at peace now. Such radiance. Such beauty…

Lord God Almighty Father: You fear what you do not know. But you should look in disgust at the ordinary. The ordinary ways are traps by the so-called leaders of this godless generation. Do not fear the night, for I am with you. But be aware the night has been made to look like day, and you are living in the time when the good will be called bad, and the day will be called night, and many will be martered who believe in My Holy Name. Yes, be cautious. Yes, the wolves surround you. But you will not be devoured. I will not let harm come to my sheep that call My Name. But remember to call My Name. Be merciful and kind to others. Few know the times you are living in. Speak My Word and pray much. Pray for souls far from Me that they may return to the bosom of the mother in the cradle of the womb/wound Jesus Christ (not sure if I wrote the words in this line here correctly-I could see it though-it wasn’t like a baby cradle or crib, but like a mom cradling/holding a baby tight-like Mother Mary will hold you close to Jesus who is in her heart and yours). Ask Me to protect your family. Ask Me to place you in the Wounds of Jesus Christ’s Open Heart. He bleeds for you. He loves you. He is crucified. He is cradled and then hung, but He will ride in glory. You do not know the hour. You do not know the day. But that is of no matter if you chose Me every day with your “yes” and contrite heart and mouth in prayer for others’ souls. What is there to fear? Do not fear death. Do not forget the ordinary, the everyday, is calling you away from the spiritual. If it is calling you away from the spiritual, is it of Me? Use that to guide your emotions, your actions and your thoughts. Is it of Me is as simple as am I nearer to you in Love. True, I may be hidden and some feel I am nowhere to be found. But I am with you even as you sin. I am with you as out of love My Son died on the cross. I am always near. But I am often ignored, even forgotten. So how do you know I am near to you in Love? It is nothing but the peace you feel, the scrape on the window, that is really a call of protection. A sign that I am there. That love cannot be found in the world. So few truly know it. But if you seek it in the quiet, in the Eucharistic Feast, I am there. Know Me by the silence. Know Me by My Language of Love, directly to your heart. Do not seek Me elsewhere. I am not of the world like a false god of the planet. I am I Am. How could I not be?

I am with you. Good night, little daughter. Say many prayers now.

*My note: I saw an image of Mary in very bright white glowing light spilling out where her heart is. She was very beautiful and immediately brought a peace and calm to me.

October 10, 2021

Lord God Almighty Father: Do not deny the spiritual.

Note: I was at church when I heard this. I also felt/heard a great, labored breathing and pain. It was like someone was buried under lots of dirt, piles of it, and allowing more to be placed on top even though it was painful. I sensed this was was God and the piles of dirt were our sins. He was stirring slightly and the dirt was moving. He could throw the dirt off entirely whenever He wanted to, He just wasn’t yet. Part of the pain wasn’t just the weight of the dirt, but also a great loneliness. Even with all these people in the church building, no one was paying attention to Him. I almost cried and said prayers myself then.

Please, please visit Eucharistic Adoration and take away some of the loneliness. And we all need to go to Reconciliation frequently. If not Catholic, please talk to God often and bring Him often your sorries and your stories and your sorrows and your joys. Thank you.