The Flames of My Love will cause hearts to rejoice!

By Words and Dreams

November 18, 2022

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Me: Dear Lord, Hi Lord,

Are there any words you want me to share? Or anything? My head is hurting, but I’m listening.

I offer you my headache and backache and coldness.

I’m always distracted it seems.

Lord God Almighty Father: Take heart, My young child. You are never alone. It’s not about listening as much as being a channel for Grace to flow. Be one with Me always.

Me: How, Lord? I sin and sin and sin some more.

Lord God Almighty Father: Come clean then. It is not difficult?! You want Me to say it’s okay, you’re good enough?

Of course you do, but would you want the doctor to not bandage the wound after cleaning it? So you must keep the wound clean! Your sins cause wounds, child. Why do you think I want you to keep away so? (Away from sin.) Yes, like a child you will scrape your knee, but it can mend! But do not allow rot in. Do not let your wounds and sores fester. This makes sense to you.

Me: Yes, Lord. Thank you.

Anything else?

Lord God Almighty Father: Tell My Children it will be cold soon for many. The winter approaches, and there will be little warmth. Look after your brothers and sisters both spiritually and physically.

Me: Should I get blankets or something?

Lord God Almighty Father: Start first by warming your heart. The Flames of My Love will burn within your heart. Call on Me. The Fires of My Love will cause you to rejoice even when in pain. For who can… (or cannot dance ???-I lost hearing the words here. I don’t know if can or cannot dance was even said.)

Me: I lost it, Lord?

Lord God Almighty Father: Yes, your will needs to be strong and to be strong it needs to be Mine. Allow it to be so, little ones.

Me: Lord, I offer you my day each day? How more do I give you my will?

Lord God Almighty Father: It is a constant surrendering. The will does not like to be told what to do, does it? But this is what must be done. Submit yourself to My Holy Will, and you will rejoice! The Flames of My Love will cause hearts to rejoice! (It will) Inflame the hearts of all mankind.

Cry out: Sacred Heart of Jesus, inflame the Love of Your Heart within mine! Do not let me become discouraged, but instead dance with the Joy of Your Love and Forgiveness and Mercy.

Pray, child! Pray for this! Yes, this is the Holy Spirit. So great is the joy and wonder of the Holy Spirit. One second of this infusion and you will know the joy of the Disciples on that Holy Night. (Descent of the Holy Spirit.)

Me: But don’t we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation? Why don’t we all know this joy, this feeling?

Or do we?

Lord God Almighty Father: Suppressed but not gone. Not missing. Restore this Love, this Power, this Grace. I am the True Power. It isn’t your’s, but I give to you and to all My Children for these are dark times and without the Light of the Love of the Holy Spirit, it would indeed be dark days with no hope. So yes, rejoice, and with this power, draw others to the Light and the Flame. Like a moth to flame, like a babe to mother’s milk, I draw you near. Rejoice! For the end is near but not nigh, and I will reign in all My Glory as King of Kings! You witness these words so others may believe.

Me: Lord, sometimes with the end days talk, that is scary and confusing?

Lord God Almighty Father: Yes, only the Father knows the Hour of the Judgement. Do not fear. Each day may be your Judgement Day, so rejoice!

Me: Rejoice?

Lord God Almighty Father: Child, your ways of earth are not Mine in Heaven. Yes, we rejoice and hold you dear (or near?) and want you here with us.

Me: Us?

Lord God Almighty Father: All of Heaven.

Rejoice! Stay clean. Love and pray for your brothers and your sisters. Go to Confession. Join in the Celebration of the Eucharist. Be made clean if needed. Children, you have much to do! Many prayers to say, many songs to sing, and, yes, many shouts to shout and celebrations to announce! For you are God’s Chosen People, a Light on the Hill. Spread your Light that is Mine, children! Rejoice and be glad! For the Good News is with you and inside of you (Eucharist). Rejoice and be glad! I Am here with you! Rejoice!

Me: Lord, thank you.

My note: I can feel so much love and excitement, like heat inside my chest. Like how you may have some really exciting news to tell your mom or something but more so. It’s thrilling! And it doesn’t feel like I have to have a plan, just follow this feeling and do what I’m guided to do in the moment if that makes sense. And, of course, pray.

Me: Thank you Lord. Amen. Thank you.