Cold hearts will deprive you of your daily food

By Words and Dreams

April 30, 2022

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Message from Lord God the Almighty Father

Me: Lord please help me with my priorities. Please help me to see and do your will and not be overwhelmed with day to day worries. Let my priorities be only what you will each day. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Me: Lord, are there any words?

Long have I waited for your coming home to me and living deeply our new life…Hosea song

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, seek Me always. Seek Me in all you do. Seek me in the tiniest whisper and the loudest bang. Truly I am here. I Am. Why do you fear so, little one?

Lord God Almighty Father: Ask the Holy Spirit for his strength and guidance.

Me: Holy Spirit, please bless me with your many gifts, especially strength and please guide me.

Lord God Almighty Father: See? Your heart is already lighter?

Me: Yes. It’s calmer.

Lord God Almighty Father: Why do I ask for you to seek Me so in the Eucharistic Feast? It is the way I have chosen for us to be together. Truly, My Strength is then yours. But seek Spiritual Communions often too. I can give you strength in this way too. The Holy Spirit isn’t bound to the Earth and the Earth’s rules/ways. I can feed you spiritually through the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember this when My Food is rare. For truly men of cold hearts will team with the devil to deprive you of your daily food. Alas! My Heart sorrows at what is to come. But courage! You have the strength I give you. Call upon the Holy Spirit, and you will not be left hungry. For I Am. Truly you know it is the Truth. Seek the Truth in the Bible. Seek Me in the Eucharistic Feast while you are able. Feed now and go to penance/Reconciliation. (Aside-I was confused if I heard penance or reconciliation here.) Do not worry so about the words (penance/Reconciliation). The children will know what I ask even if your ears are not quick. But I will repeat for you, little one. My children are to go to Reconciliation. They are to do penance. They are to fast and give alms to the poor in honor of Me. Feed your brothers and sisters. Not only nourishment in body, but draw them close so they may too experience the Food of the Soul. So few know Me.

Lord God Almighty Father: How do I get them to know Me?

Lord God Almighty Father: I don’t. They choose not to know Me. I cannot/will not force it. But you can invite them. I have even had My Mother and yours invite them. But still so few come or even believe. But you comfort Me, little ones-those who do believe. You bring comfort to My Wounded Heart like St. Faustina said. Your place is important even if you think yourself lowly. Yes, be humble. Be examples of good, examples of the Light. Be at peace, be My Peace. Be calm in the storms and the wars and the violence and famines and disease and pestilence. Be peace when faced with death, when ostracized and embittered and pulled beyond your means to new horrors the earth has yet seen. Be peace, My little ones. You cannot without Me. So hide in My Sacred Heart and Mary’s Immaculate Heart. They are your shields. And when shielded and protected know you are safe even into death for your place is Heaven. And even if the earth passes away, still I remain and still I Am. And so through Me so too are you. Isn’t that comforting? There is nothing to fear. You are with Me. Pray for those who choose to not be, who choose to walk away. For they do have much to fear. And some will even die from this fright.

Swing low sweet chariot, coming forth to carry me home…..Swing Low, Sweet Chariot song

Me: Lord, help me to do you will. Today and always. Amen.