The Church is a battleground

By Words and Dreams

November 3, 2022

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Me: Dear Lord,

Thank you for this time together! Yay! It’s so nice to not hear all the noise and be here with you. My heart is happy.

Lord, are there any words you want me to write and share?

I’m sorry too for my many sins. Please forgive me and make me more pleasing to you.

Lord God Jesus Christ: (Note: I write these words down quicky and then go back later and make spelling and grammar corrections and also add in who is saying what. When I tried to write Lord God Almighty Father here, I was corrected to write Lord God Jesus Christ and again also a couple more lines below… whenever we were talking about the Eucharist. The voices sounded no different to me.) Little one, you are still distracted.

Me: Yes, Lord.

Lord God Jesus Christ: Do you see Me in the Eucharist?

Me: Well, no. You’re in the tabernacle.

Lord God Jesus Christ: Child, I am everywhere. The Eucharist is how I make Myself known to you. But truly I am All and All is everywhere. Do you understand?

Me: I understand you love me even if I am ugly with sin. But you want me to get cleaned up. All of us.

Lord God Almighty Father: Yes, child. Always make a true and contrite confession. Your heart needs to be humble and clean before Me.

Me: Yes, Lord. Help us all get to and use the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Help my family do that too. Please help convert my unbelieving family and friends. Help and protect the priests and religious. I know they are under severe attack.

Lord God Almighty Father: You are right to call your prayers down for the priests. They need many prayers to be brought before Me.

Me: Please help them. Saints and souls, please help too. Mary and Joseph, please help.

Lord God Almighty Father: Child, write. The winds blow harsher now. The whispers you here are not always Me.

Me: No, I felt that coldness and dread. Is there an evil here now? St. Michael, protect us.

Lord God Almighty.Fathee: The Legions of Angels stand by to guard and protect and fight. There is a battle raging around you.

Me: How? I’m in a church.

Lord God Almighty Father: The Church is a battleground, and you are soldiers. You are My children, yes. But you must also be willing to fight. I sent a Child into the world. A Gift and a Soldier. The Soldier, the Ruler, the King. Who are you to follow? If you stumble on the battlefield, Your Leader is there. If you hesitate and run, who can save you? You will be left for beasts and crows.

Me: Lord?

Lord God Almighty Father: Follow Me, and you will be redeemed. Even if you stumble, you will not fall and be trampled. I will lift you up. Follow Me always.

Me: Lord, I remember once seeing Mary and being like knighted or something and being welcomed into her Army. Am I in Hers or Yours? Or how does that work? (Note: This question relates back to a vision I had years ago-I think my first actually-right after completing my Consecration to Jesus through Mary using St. Louis DeMonfort’s teachings.)

Lord God Almighty Father: You have dedicated your heart to Mary and, through Mary, to Me. She has brought you to Me.

Me: Lord, I am not good enough to be in either of Your Armies. I am not strong and can’t even seem to get fasting down. I guess I should ask for help? Holy Spirit, help me to do better.

Lord God Almighty Father: Offer your every minute to Me. Not everything has to be a verbal prayer. Offer Me your day and, then do your best in all you do. This is a way to give your everything in a continuous prayer.

Me: Thank you, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Remember your Rosary.

Lord God Almighty Father: You are weak. To become strong, constant prayer is to be your diet. Offer Me small fasts at first, and they can grow. Offer mortifications as able, My children. Not everything is to be pleasure and happiness in this life. Suffering has its place and can also be offered to Me. It is not of folly to suffer for Me. It is folly to believe only happiness matters. So many of My children are pursuing happiness always. You were not meant for that. Why do I give you tears if they are not to be shed? Yes, I don’t want any (of) My children to dispair or become dispondent, but recognize the place suffering and happiness have. Can you have shadow without the light and light without the shadow? Is the shadow wrong? No, the shadow is not evil. The shadow highlights the beauty of the light. It is Mine. Remember the devil can come as light. Do not be afraid, but do not be fooled, simple ones. Dedicate your heart to Me, and there will be no confusion.

Me: Lord, you have my heart, my heart I give you through your Mother Mary. Thank you for Her and Her Beauty and Wonderfulness! Sorry I don’t have better words to praise Her!

Holy Spirit: Go, child, and proclaim the Good News! Your Father loves you, and wants you here with Him. Remember to love Him through your everything. Go to Confession and join with Him in the Eucharist.

Me: Lord, why didn’t you say join with Me and remember to love Me?

Lord God Almighty Father: I am Three and Three in One. The Holy Spirit was talking through you about the Good News.

Me: Lord?

Lord God Almighty Father: Be at peace. This is not mystery for you to understand, just believe.

Me: Lord? That was a trick of my eyes? (Note: At this time, I saw something dark to my left, out of the corner of my eye. It was just for a split second and then was gone, but it startled me. It was not a good something.)

I stop and say the St. Michael prayer.

Lord God Almighty Father: You know it was not.

Me: Please protect me and my family and all here.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, you have My blessing for all you asked for. Be at peace.

Me: Thank you, Lord. I love you. Amen.