Seek Me Out

By Words and Dreams

September 22, 2022

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Me: Dear God Almighty, Hello! How are you? It’s great visiting with you. Forgive my nerves. It’s so good to breathe and rest here with you. Please help those affected by and in the Ukraine/Russia war. Please help those suffering from natural disasters and those suffering from hate: those giving and those receiving it. Help those far from you and those, like me, who seem to struggle with staying close even though I know better. Thank you again for this time.

Lord, are there any words?


Lord God Almighty Father: See the wind blowing child? See those who ignore Me? Even in My Home I am ignored. (Note: I’m at Eucharistic Adoration and there are two people talking.)

I sense an immense sorrow.

Me: Lord, I am here. Hopefully that can bring a little, little drop of comfort? But where are your children?

Lord God Almighty.Father: I am beside you.

I am behind you.

I am in front of you.

I Am.

You are not alone, child. Hopefully I bring you (all the) comfort.

Peace floods me.

Me: Thank you for this gift.

Lord God Almighty Father: Child, remember it is a gift. One I give out of love for all of My children who ask and who seek Me. How much easier could it be?

I send my Love. My forgiveness. Just seek Me out. Ask. Remember the Sacraments. Remember they are to give you peace and joy and also responsibility. If you a priest, a married one, a single child, you have a purpose and a place, and it is here with Me. You want to know your role little ones through my prophet? Of course, you seek an understanding of yourself. Your answer is Me. You are Mine. You are My gift and My gift is to you. Know the fruition of your being matters and is important and is love! You are not important for your own self. This is the ego leading you astray. No, you are important because you are Mine and through you, a gift to others. All gifts are to be shared and to be loved. Some gifts are alas never opened and some are mistreated or thrown away. But one day, you as the gift and fruition of joy and love, will be received by Me with great love, if you are willing and do My will and Remember Me. The path is wide for those who love and, through that love, give of themselves. 

Be at peace, daughter, even if the wind blows. Yes, there are horrors already on the earth and more to come. But peace remains in My Heart. Enter it.

Me: Lord, will we soon be faced with nuclear war? And how can I tell if leaders are good or not? Or if decisions are right or wrong? It seems like things are getting more confusing.

Yes, the window is dark now. (Note: I was looking out a side window of the Church earlier and the wind was blowing through a tree. Now I look out and it is dark.)

Me: Where are you?

Lord God Almighty Father: Do not fear the night. Stay close. Be like the wise virgin. Be ready with a heart cleansed first of all, and then your robe. Your robe will be made white with the Blood of the Lamb.

Me: Lord, didn’t that already happen with Jesus’ Crucifixion and death?

Martyrdom? (Note: I more feel this word if that makes sense. It’s not part of the other conversation from before, but more like something that is there, waiting for me to notice it. Like if you put out flowers or something for a loved one, and you wait for them to notice them before you say anything about them yourself.)

What does that mean? Why’d you bring me this word?

No, I don’t like that. Nope.

Lord God Almighty Father: Do not fear, little one. Remember what I have said? Fear is not of Me.

Me: Yes, Lord. Your will, Lord. How do I bring love to others when I lose my temper even with my own family?

St. Louis de Montfort.  Yes, I remember. He had a temper too, right? And he’s a saint. (I should ask him for help.)

Lord God Almighty Father: Just seek forgiveness when you wrong someone. Seek it with them and with Me.

Me: Wow, that’s beautiful (singing at Adoration). Thank you for this and for these people here. Lord, how do I know you aren’t just my imagination?

Lord God Almighty Father: You know it is Me. Look at this gift I have given you tonight (Reconciliation and Adoration).

Me: Thank you, Lord. You are all good. Thank you.