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June 27 thru August 14, 2022

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August 14, 2022
Me: I hear you calling me to write. Yes, Lord? Here I am, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: My people will suffer. Boil your drinking water. A virus is set loose. Sprinkle Holy Water on it and ask for My blessing. Remember Me. It is I who will take care of My flock in these times. The serpent grows stronger and will devour the reprobate who desire to please him by pleasing only themselves. Beware of greed in your heart. Repent and stay humble. Few of My sheep realize the danger they are in. But rely on Me. Trust in My Sacred Heart, and you will be free of worry. Worry is not from Me. I send you the solution. It is My Love. Dedicate yourself to Me and, though you will suffer, your heart will not be troubled. Trust in Me. Offer your sufferings to Me to help the unforgiving, the unchanged, for they need your prayers and offerings to convert in this late hour. There is still good (to do?), but the hour is late. Hearts grow colder still. Who can watch a child suffer and starve? My priests are doing that right now. My sheep are starving without Me.

Me: Do you mean the wine?

Lord God Almighty Father: Feed My sheep. Remember Me. Feed My sheep. Do what I have called you to do. Write what I say, child. You have much to do for the Kingdom, and you have been asleep. Do not ask for favors but instead offer your services.

Me: Help me to be a better servant to you, Lord. Please. Is that a favor? Did I do it again? How do we get the wine again? How will we if there is new sickness?

Lord God Almighty Father: Remember your Spiritual Communion. Remember what St. Padre Pio shared.

Me: Yes, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Tighten your belt. Remember, in all things, ask My Blessing. Believe in Me, not in man.

Me: I love you, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Go now and rest in peace before the dawn.


August 13, 2022
I had a dream last night…in it I saw a priest holding the Eucharist and the Chalice up and heard, “the Eucharist is the importance in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.” (It was as clear as day in my heart as I heard that sentence: the Eucharist is more than just an important part of marriage, the Eucharist/Jesus is to be the center…it is the marriage.) In the dream-I somehow knew I was dreaming-and once the dream had moved on (this part of the dream switched and had to do with war refugees encountering a heavily fortified border), I wanted to make sure of what precisely I had heard earlier so I could write it down when I woke up-I was able to find my way back and hear again what the priest had said. It was the same.


Summer 2022
Lord God Almighty Father: Child, you are mine.


June 27, 2022
Long have I waited for your coming home to me and living deeply our new life…Hosea song by Gregory Norbert.

Me: Oh, Lord. Thank you for this time together. My mind has been racing for sometime. How do I slow down?

Lord, are there any words? I feel nervous that I haven’t heard you lately. Like I won’t hear you anymore, and it’s my punishment and rightfully so for not listening better.

Please say it isn’t so. But Your Will, Your Will always. But I’m still going to anxiously wait.

Can you help me get to Eucharistic Adoration this week? Guardian angel?

Thank you for this peace.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, it is so noisy.

Me: Lord! It is so good to hear you.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little one, be at peace. Be at peace. Surely you know I am always here? Whether you hear Me or not, I am.

Me: Well, thank you anyways! Is there anything you want me to write for you?

Lord God Almighty Father: Know that I am with you. I bring you peace. You will know Me by My peace I bring to you.

False prophets will bring no such peace. Trust in Me. Trust in My Words. Beware of false prophets and those seeking to guide you. Wolves are disguised amongst you.

Me: I am not among anyone?

Lord God Almighty Father: Even electronically you can be fooled. Know the Bible. Read St. John and St. Luke.

Me: Any specifics?

I saw what looked like Ch 17, 15-22 and the names of Matthew, John and Luke.

Me: Chapter 17, 15-22?? Matthew, John and Luke? Lord, is it meant to be all three? You are very wise, but I get confused easily.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, you know it is so. You believe when it is convenient. Make it so you believe always. Do not doubt. Do not believe the world. Truly father will fight son and mother, her daughter-in-law. You will not know peace within the family unless the family is mine. Make your family mine. Ask to be brought under Mary’s Mantle and into Our Sacred Hearts.

Me: Jesus, I ask this to be so for my family and all believing families. Please change the hearts of the unbelievers. For truly your are the Light and the Salvation of souls! Your will be done! God please bless us and keep us safe from the dangers of the devil. Keep us under Mary’s mantle and enclosed within your Sacred Hearts.

Lord God Almighty Father: Be at peace, my daughter.

Me: Thank you Lord. Please convert my family members who don’t believe. Please and thank you. Amen.