Things are Escalating

By Words and Dreams

April 3, 2023

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Things are Escalating

This was a dream last night. I saw beautiful Mother Mary wearing blue and white, standing above and to the left of an image. Then she moved directly to the top of the image and then finally to the right. She moved like how the sun moves in the sky from dawn to dusk in a day. In the center below Mary was an image of an exponential growth line graph. I knew the growth line was representing all the hardships and evils on Earth and how they are now quickly and dramatically increasing. For a long time the levels shown were very minuscule and were increasing slowly over time, but now it’s like some threshold has been reached, and as a result things are escalating up very quickly now.

I also saw the Eucharist in a church on the alter with a brilliant, golden white light shaped like an encompassing globe emanating from it. Beyond that light, which didn’t reach much farther than the alter itself, was darkness, even though it was in a church building. I felt a strong desire to stay focused on that globe of light and the Eucharist at its center and not even to look at the darkness. The darkness felt very oppressive and scary.

Please pray for discernment as always.