Only Jesus heals

By Words and Dreams

February 1, 2023

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Me: Lord, I’m so happy to be here with you! Mary, I know you’re here too. Thank you.

Lord, I’m sorry for my many sins. I always need to try better. Lord, thanks again. Are there any words? Lord I ask for Your Blessings, Your Graces and Your Love.

I hear singing: Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest.

Me: How do you hear all the prayers?

Lord God Almighty Father: Time is not the same as you believe it to be.

I see like a dome or globe. Angels singing, praising God around the top, like dancing ribbons of gold. Joyful noise, but I was wondering how God hears our prayers through that and with mutliple people praying at once.

Two voices in unison (Lord God Almighty Father and Mother Mary): Daughter, daughter.

Lord God Almighty Father: When will you repent?

Me: This Saturday? First Saturday.

Reminder to me to confess all sins, even old, here.

Lord God Almighty Father: It is good and righteous to give Me your all. Let it be so.

Me: Yes, Lord. Help me make a good confession.

Lord God Almighty Father: Little child, comfort Me with your presence.

I saw this globe, like encompassing all of Heaven. Time is like a bubble or sphere or a whole bunch of them connected. I saw a reaching out to someone prayimg from the large globe/bubble down to another very tiny one that had someone in prayer in it, like from Heaven down to Earth, and drawn up closer, but never leaving the original globe/bubble. Like picking up a bubble, looking at it and replacing it gently. Like how bubbles can go within other bubbles. You know how sometimes you can move bubbles and they are all joined and sometimes even one can be moved inside another? I can’t explain this well. But it was beautiful and showed me how God can listen to all of our prayers no matter if they are at the same time. And how intimately He listens to each person praying. And you know how sometimes you can hear your own heartbeat and everything else is in the background? Well, it was like that, but the heartbeat was the conversation being had between God and that person praying. Then, I could hear the Hosanna songs of the angels again when the bubble was replaced but quieter.

Lord God Almighty Father: Time does not heal all wounds. Only Jesus heals. Come to Me in prayer and thanksgiving.

Do not worry so about time. Worry is not of Me, remember. To be of Me, give Me your continuous “yes”. Give Me your heart.

Me: Hosanna! I sing your praise. Thank you.

Lord God Almighty Father: Remember your brothers and sisters who are far from Me. They do not sing so.

Me: Help me to pray the Rosary with my family. Please let them all believe. Hosanna in the highest, I praise you. I love you. I thank you.