Famine on a galloping dark horse

By Words and Dreams

February 9 and February 20, 2023

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February 9th, 2023

Me: Dear Almighty God, I love you and I thank you for this time together! May you always be praised! Lord, God Almighty Father, are there any words you want me to write?

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, daughter, thank you for loving Me.

Me: Lord, thank you! Why would you thank me??

Lord, I don’t think I made a good confession. Like I forgot to pray for five days like the priest told me. Will it still count if I remember after a few days and then say the prayers? I feel bad.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, ye of little faith! Of course your little love is important. But not because I need love. It is you returning a gift, and I will be bless you greatly. So few blessed today because so few ask. I shower you abundantly because you seek Me. To all My children, this is a time of many Grace’s for those who ask. ASK! PRAY! Pray continuously.

Your heart knows your answers, young one. Do not seek simple ways out when the Cross is for you.

Me: Yes, Lord.

Lord God Almighty Father: Seek Me out in all you do. Love your brothers and sisters. Hours of Adoration on your knees are needed. Please comfort/justify/repent (I was hearing several words at once and trying to make it out. Like there wasn’t one word to say it all in English?) for My Son Jesus.

Me: Justify?

Lord God Almighty Father: Justice is not for you to give, but your presence brings comfort for He will bring Justice to His people. Repent before your Lord!

Me: Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Lord God Almighty Father: Daughter, do not fear the night. Do not fear the discomfort or the pain the next few months will bring. Give yourself to Me completely, and you shall not fear.

Me: Lord, is it a personal discomfort or something broader?

Lord God Almighty Father: You must tighten your belt. Repent and get to confession often. Fast and pray. Daughter, as Lent comes, remember My time in the desert. Often I went without. But the angels brought Me comfort. You may call on them too. Even if you don’t see them, they can comfort you. Remember your guardian angel especially. You are not alone.

Me: Lord, please protect my family. Please spare us attacks of the devil. Protect us and all your believing children. But we’ll suffer if it be Your Will.

Lord God Almighty Father: You are right to give your will to Me. This is the only way to true peace.

Me: Should I look at any particular saint’s life or teachings or Gospel reading or Bible reading?

I see the following:
St. Peregrine
Mark 14:3
Leviticus 34


February 20, 2023

I was at a concert and saw Blessed Mother Mary above everyone’s heads and above the stage. She was clothed as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She appeared over the top of the stage, to the left and to the right, always large and above everything. I don’t remember if she appeared to the left or top first, but she was on the right last. When she was above and to the right, I saw below her at about eye height coming straight at me, a frightening image of Famine on a galloping dark horse. If Mary hadn’t had there, I wouldn’t have been able to stand. I’m sure I would have fainted with fright! But as it was with Mary there, I felt not afraid but just saw this image as something I was to see and relay my seeing. The whole thing was very brief.

I also remembered just now that I had seen at another time, maybe a month ago, many pages put together, kind of like compiling pages for a book. I felt this meant it was important to print off/write down prayers, words, etc., and have hard copies on hand.