These flowers will cover the dead

By Words and Dreams

March 12, 2023

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I had a vision upon waking. It was of a mound covered with green plants with small, purple flowers. I heard a voice say, “These flowers will cover the dead.” Then in front of the mound I saw the word, “Balkans”.

The next day I did happen to see examples of small flowers with the same type of petals three times. Once on the piece of jewelry I had picked out to wear to Mass. It was a bracelet with a St. Benedict medal on it. Around the outside of the medal was a flower design that I hadn’t noticed before. I thought previously it was just a pretty design until I inspected it closer. Then at Mass, a lady sitting directly in front of me was wear a scarf with the little bluish/purple flowers on it. Finally, later in the day while walking on the sidewalk, I passed a large tree and underneath of it was a mound of green plants with purple flowers on it, already in bloom.

Now, this vision I was very hesitant to write down, even after seeing three different examples of the flowers directly afterwards. I’ll tell you why. At no time were there words, like “Pray for…” given to me. So I’m not sure about this message and where it came from. The intention if not from God could be to mislead to scare. Please pray for discernment as always!