The Book of Heaven
—Unofficial Version—

Volume 3

November 19, 1899

The evils of pride.

My adorable Jesus continues to come, and since before He came, my mind was thinking about certain things which Jesus had told me in the past years, and which I do not remember so well, almost to remind me He told me:  “My daughter, pride corrodes grace.  In the hearts of the proud there is nothing but a void all full of smoke, which produces blindness.  Pride does nothing but render oneself an idol, and so the proud soul does not have her God with her.  By sin, she has tried to destroy Him in her heart, and raising an altar within her heart, she places herself on it, and she adores herself.”

Oh, God, what an abominable monster this vice is!  It seems to me that if the soul is attentive not to let it enter into herself, she is free of all other vices; but if, to her misfortune, she lets herself be dominated by it, since it is a monstrous and wicked mother, it will deliver all of its naughty children for her, which are the other sins.  Ah, Lord, keep it away from me!