The Book of Heaven
—Unofficial Version—

Volume 4

April 5, 1901

In compassionating the Mother, one compassionates Jesus. On Calvary, at the crucifixion, Luisa sees all generations in Jesus.

As the state of privation continued, this morning I seemed to see Him for a little while, together with the Queen Mother; and since adorable Jesus had the crown of thorns, I removed it from Him and I compassionated Him thoroughly. While I was doing this, He told me: "Compassionate also my Mother, because since the reason of Her sorrows is my suffering, in compassionating Her, you come to compassionate Me."

After this, I seemed to find myself on mount Calvary, in the act of the crucifixion of Our Lord, and while He suffered the crucifixion, I could see – I don’t know how – all generations, past, present and future, in Jesus. And since Jesus had everyone within Himself, He felt all the offenses that each of us would give Him, and He suffered for all in general, and for each individual in particular, in such a way that I could see also my sins, and the pains that He suffered for me individually; and I could also see the remedy that He administered to us, with the exception of no one, for our evils and for our eternal salvation. Now, who can say all that I saw in blessed Jesus?: from the first to the last man. As I was outside of myself, I could see things clearly and distinctly; but finding myself inside myself, I see them all confused. So, in order to avoid nonsense, I stop here.