The Book of Heaven
—Unofficial Version—

Volume 4

September 10, 1900

Threats against the perverted world.

This morning I found myself outside of myself and I saw the many evils and most enormous sins which are being committed – also against the Church and the Holy Father. Then, as I returned inside myself, my adorable Jesus came and told me: "What do you say about the world?" Not knowing what this question was driving at, impressed as I was by the things I had seen, I said: ‘Blessed Lord, who can tell You the perversity, the hardness, the ugliness of the world? I have no words to tell You how cattivo [bad] it is!’ And He, taking the occasion from my very words, added: "Have you seen how perverted it is? You yourself said it. There is no way to make it surrender; after I have almost taken bread away from it, it remains in the same stubbornness – and even worse; and for now it goes on procuring it by thefts and robberies, doing harm to one’s neighbor. Therefore it is necessary that I touch its flesh, otherwise it will become even more perverted."

Who can say how speechless I remained at this speaking of Jesus; it seems to me that I myself have been the occasion of making Him become indignant against the world – instead of excusing it, I painted it black. I did as much as I could to excuse it afterwards, but He did not pay attention to me – the evil was already done. Ah, Lord, forgive me for this lack of charity, and use mercy!