The Book of Heaven
—Unofficial Version—

Volume 4

September 14, 1900

Jesus pours His bitternesses in order to placate His Justice. The heroism of true virtue.

This morning my adorable Jesus was not coming. Then, after much waiting, He made Himself seen within my interior, using my heart as support, and surrounding it with His arms while leaning His most sacred head upon it – all afflicted, serious, in such a way as to impose silence, and giving His back to the world. After remaining a little while in mute silence, because the appearance with which He showed Himself would not let one dare to say a word, He stirred Himself from that position and said to me: "I had resolved not to pour, but things have reached such a point that, if I did not pour, such uproars would break out as to start a revolution and cause bloody slaughters." And I: ‘Yes, Lord, pour; this is my only desire – that You give vent to your wrath upon me and spare the creatures.’ So He poured a little bit.

Then, afterwards, as if He had relieved Himself, He added: "My daughter, I allowed Myself to be brought to the slaughter like a lamb, and I remained mute before those who sacrificed Me. The same will be for those few good of these times; however, this is the heroism of true virtue." Again, He added: "I poured - but even though I did, do you want Me to pour a little more, so I relieve Myself more?" And I: ‘My Lord, don’t even ask me, I am at your disposal – You can do with me whatever You want.’ So He poured again and disappeared, leaving me in suffering and content, thinking that I had relieved the pains of my beloved Jesus.