The Book of Heaven
—Unofficial Version—

Volume 6

November 19, 1903

While one is nothing, one can be all.

Continuing in my usual state, I saw blessed Jesus in my interior, and a light in my intellect saying:  “While one is nothing, one can be all.  But how?  One becomes all through suffering.  Suffering makes the soul become pontiff, priest, king, prince, minister, judge, advocate, repairer, protector, defender.  And since true suffering is the suffering wanted by God in the soul, if the soul appeases herself completely in His Volition, this appeasement, united to suffering, allows the soul to rule over justice, over the mercy of God, over men and over all things.  Now, just as suffering gave Christ all the most beautiful qualities and all the honors and offices that the human nature can contain, in the same way, by participating in the suffering of Christ, the soul participates in His qualities, in the honors and in the offices of Christ, who is the All.”