The Book of Heaven
—Unofficial Version—

Volume 6

November 29, 1904

The Divinity of Jesus in His Humanity descended into the deepest abyss of all human humiliations, and divinized and sanctified all human acts.

This morning I was offering all the actions of the Humanity of Our Lord to repair for so many of our human actions, either carelessly done, without a supernatural purpose, or sinful, in order to impetrate that all creatures might do their actions with the intentions of the actions of blessed Jesus and in union with them, and to fill the void of glory that the creature would give God if she did so.  While I was doing this, my adorable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, my Divinity in my Humanity descended into the deepest abyss of all human humiliations; so much so, that there was no human act, as lowly and little as it might be, which I did not divinize and sanctify.  And this, in order to give back to man doubled sovereignty – the one he lost in Creation, and the one I acquired for him in Redemption.  But man, always ungrateful and the enemy of himself, loves to be a slave rather than a sovereign.  With a means so easy – that is, with the intentions of his actions [united] to Mine – he could render his actions deserving of divine merit, but he wastes them and loses the device of king and the sovereignty over himself.”  Having said this, He disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.