Bewildered Children, You Are Not Lost to Me

By Linda

August 18, 2015


Tuesday, August 18, 2015 3:22 – 4:11 pm

Father, I kind of think that the prayer with Divine Mercy is about You, right?  I can’t wait for You to decide that today is THE DAY!  People call it the end of the world.  I think it’ll be the beginning.  I suppose I’ll see the goings on regardless of whether I’m alive or dead.  You know, I was thinking about the whole “resurrection of the dead” part.  We say it’s one of our fundamentals, right, but it's hard to fathom.  I mean, I know that You can do anything.  I suppose just because I don’t understand doesn’t mean You can’t or won’t do something.  (Or will.)  I guess that’s where faith is really tested….try explaining that kind of faith to an engineer!  XO  Jesus, You definitely have the heart of a cow.  Make mine big like Yours, please.  I falter so much.

Belovéd Child, cherished One, know that My Love for you is springtime.  It is new life and all of the Love and beauty within new life.  For new life is with Me, in the very center of pure, refined, Divine Love.  You are My Precious Flower. My Child that I hold closely to My Heart.  My Hand is ever in yours, even as you sleep.  Even as you sin.  Come to Me, Belovéd One and do not stay away from Me.  Do not stray from Love, My Belovéd Child.

Your eyes are Mine, as are your hands, your feet, your nose, your fingers.  These things I designed by Love, with Great Love and for that whom I Love so dearly.  I give you great gifts and small gifts and all manner of Love.  I am with you always and for your Eternal life shall I be with each of My Children who will call or have called out to Me, your Most Belovéd Father and Eternal God.

Believe, I say.  Believe in My Beauteous and most Belovéd Son.  His Sacrifice is a living thing.  It exists as He exists and by His Sacrifice of Love, the door to everlasting Love and life is opened to you.  Each of you has a purpose in My Eyes.  It is an easy or simple purpose.  That is to Love.  Swim in an ocean of Love within your Hearts and within your Great Love for your Eternal God and Father.  I am the source of Love and I AM all that is Love and every joy I give to you is filled with Greatest Wonder, for you are My Belovéd Children and My Heart swells when you are joyful.

Belovéd Children, do not be afraid of My Purest Love.  Rejoice in it, in your awareness of Me.  You are called by Love to Love and I am made happy by your Loving efforts.  When you are kind to your Brothers and Sisters, how My Heart swells with such pride and joy and purpose and satisfaction.  [It was like a joyful smugness…like when you do something good and it comes out perfect and no one knows it was you who did it.]  

Children, you do not hide from your Lord God and Father.  I am ever with you, Loving you, watching you so carefully, as a parent is vigilant with their child, so I am vigilant over My Belovéd Children.  You are Mine as I am yours.  Reach out to Me, My Children and know the solace and peace of My Great Love for you.

Belovéd Children, do not seek that which is not meant for you.  I am the Lord God and My Plans for all of Mankind are My Own.  I say to you also, do not be afraid, My Gentle and Bewildered Children.  Your Eternal Father does not abandon those whom He Loves so greatly.  You do not know the beauty I see within each of you.  Come to Me, My Belovéd Children, and live in a Love that is ever-consuming and ineffable to you.  Belovéd Children, I gaze upon you with such Love and delight.  How can the creator not respond with Greatest Affection to those whom He has created from Love?

Belovéd Children, I wait for thee with such longing and hope.  I yearn for you to look to Me for Holy and Divine Love.  I long for your calls, My Children, and with great ardor I await each of you.  Oh, Belovéd Children, do not fear My Love for you.  Do not reject Me or the Son of Man, for We are One and as you reject the Son, so you reject the Father.  It is a grievous sin, Children, so I say, embrace My Love.  Embrace My Belovéd Son, the Christ, who has give you Life instead of death.  Eternity with Love instead (of) an eternity of “no.” [or greyness – I see it but can’t explain it – it is like an eternity of nothing.]

You are My Most Belovéd Children.  You are so Belovéd to Me that I suffered My Son the abuse and torture and Worldly Death that you might believe and be confounded by the size or amount or sheer BIGNESS of Our Love for Mankind.  My Belovéd Son, a Sacrifice of LARGEST Love has given you the freedom and opportunity to seek and find Eternal Love through His Huge, GREAT BIG, aching Heart. 

Oh Belovéd Children, worship the Christ, My Very Belovéd Son, with every fiber of your being.  Love Him with all that you are, at every capacity.  Place My Son, the Divine and Merciful Christ, before all things, for nothing is more crucial, more important [BIG essential] than the welfare of your souls and the fact or realness of Eternity.  You do not understand that which is outside the realm of your own World.  Trust in Me.  Follow the path of Love that My Belovéd Son, the Christ, Jesu Cristo, [?] has set before each of you.  

You cannot claim ignorance once you have been touched by the awareness of My Great Love.  You are accountable for your life and Love.  Thus, I say, follow closely the path of Christ and He guides you to your Loving Father.  Belovéd Children, you must not stray.  To stray is to endanger your souls which are so fragile.  When you stray, your fragile Souls are terrified by the dark wonders in this World.  Do not stray.  Do not pursue those things that are curious to you but are, in all forms, darknesses.  Do not pursue those things against which the Spirit guides you away.  Listen to His Call and live in the Light of the Christ.  He is True Life.  He is what has dispelled darkness.  Follow Him in your journey and know the rewards that await you.  Imagine all of Love before you and within you and for you.  

You are the spark of light within My Holy Eyes.  You each are My Beauteous Souls, My Belovéd Children.  Come to your Eternal Father who Loves you so.  I say, My Children, do not be afraid of what comes, but turn to Me in your illnesses, your tragedies or deaths, in catastrophe and disaster.  Come to Me, I say, and do not be afraid.  My Will for you is good and My Love longs for your call.  Submit yourselves to Love.  I do not abandon My Prayerful and devout Children.  Do not be afraid, for the strength of My Love and Compassion are with you always.  

Avoid that which is dark, for there are many, many darknesses within this World.  With your eyes lifted to the Heavens, pray to Me and for the Divinity of Eternal Life amongst those who walk with Love, with Me.  Keep always My Son at the forefront of your lives.  Allow Him to guide you easily.  Do not chafe at the path upon which you are placed.  Follow the Christ faithfully.  Do not long for those things that are temporal, fleeting.  There is no amount of gold or silver that will suffer you into Heaven.  Only by My forgiveness and Love are you invited in.  Place gold before Love and Me, and you shall not know the joy and splendor of My Divine Face nor know the joy of My Home.

Bewildered Children, you are not lost to Me.  It is an impossibility so long as there is Love within your Hearts.  Call to Me, and like cool waters upon a burn, I douse you with My Healing Love.  Understand this, My Children.  You are for Me as I am for you.  Thus, be prayerful.  Be very prayerful and know Me, your Lord God and Father.  Love and worship the Christ, My Belovéd Son, and know Life is Divine even and especially after death.  Only Love, and I am with you. [That is to say, Just love and I’ll be with you.]

When you Love your Lord God and Father, your Soul is unfettered and your Heart is light.  No burdens can offend you. No Worldly attentions can take you away from My Love.  Pray, My Children.  I Am interested in you, My Children.  I listen to you with Great Love and an attentiveness so Great, it cannot be understood by one so small.  You are My small Children, and yet so very significant to Me.  Grasp this, My Children!  Grasp My Love and find peace, Children.  Peace My Belovéds.  Peace.