You Will Not Find a Stronger Love

By Linda


Wednesday, February 4, 2015 10:33 am – 11:09

Bring to Me the Children in darkness.
I long for their Love 
and to give them the joy you enjoy in knowing My Love.

Bring them to Me, My Belovéd Children 
and show them what true Life…through My Belovéd Son, Jesus Christ is, 
by His Loving and Greatest Sacrifice.

He has taken upon Himself the sins of this World.
His has carried the yolk of Humanity upon His back 
and Sacrificed Himself for Love.

Do not turn your back on Love, 
for it is pure and Great.
Do not bring such devastation to the Sacred Heart of My Belovéd Son, 
the Christ and King of Heaven and Earth.

Belovéd Children, your God of Heaven Loves you, each of you with no bounds.

See this, Belovéd Children.
Know this to be true to the cores of your Hearts.
You will not find a stronger nor Greater Love than Mine.
I do not cease Loving you, 
for I have created you 
and your Creator cannot despise what He has Created.
He can only Love what He has Created.

You are My Belovéd Children. 
Know this.

Know the Love of My Belovéd Son 
and do not wound His Sacred and most gentle and Loving Heart.

His Love for you is Sacred.
You must not mock His Love for you.
You cannot distribute lowly or take for granted or 
speak wildly and darkly of the Lord God, 
of Jesus and His Holiness.

This is a foul reverberation within Heaven 
and the whole of Heaven scowls or frowns to see this.

My Heart itself stutters and breaks 
to be treated so harshly 
by the very Children I have created 
so Lovingly and who I Love still.

Oh, Belovéd Children, if you knew the damage you do, 
not to your Lord God who is offended 
but to your own fragile souls.

Your souls account for every sin 
and every act and notion of darkness 
and/or hatred you commit or feel.
The stains, these spiritual or “of a World you cannot see or understand” not or yet, 
(these) stains will be devastating to you.

Thus, My Love is an effort to protect you as well as a longing for your purest Love.

Children, why do you wish to wound Love?
Why do you dismiss that which will bring you joy, comfort, and succor.
I save you from the Leviathan 
that you do not see or believe is coming.

Believe this to be true.
Those who have been faithful and prayerful 
and Loving of the Lord God and Father 
will have the shelter of Love beside them 
and darkness shall Passover as if deaf and blind 
to their bodies or existence or examination.

Those who have not known me, 
who have refused My Love 
will pay a bitter and dark price, 
for they will not know that darkness comes.

They will know not to turn to their Lord God 
whose Love far surpasses that of their own 
and is so willing and waiting still to offer His Love.       
[His longing is so strong….it’s so sad.]

            Belovéd Children, do
            you believe in the
            Mightiness of your Lord
            God?  Is your trust in 
            Me intact? Pray, Belovéd 
            Children, for My Will
            is Strong and Righteous
            as My Love for the 
            faithful Enduring.
            I see My Prayerful Children
            and look fondly upon
            you.  Come to Me, 
            those of you who are
            steeped in darknesses,
            for your eyes will
            soon be opened and
            your ears no longer
            dumb.  Your souls will 
            alight and open to 
            insights or your viewing
            or knowledge and
            how many will weep.
            Be strong, My
            Faithful Children and
            Trust in your Father
            whose Will is Good,
            Merciful, and Loving.
            I do not wound
            My Children, only long
            for your Love and Adoration.
            I long for your Blesséd 
            Adoration and want
            to be surrounded by
            your prayers and Love.
            I long to see Love manifested
            amongst all Sisters and
            Brothers and thus given
            wholly to My Belovéd 
            Son, the Christ.  Do this
            with a free and opened
            Heart and your Belovéd
            Father, how pleased
            and joyful will I be
            by your Love.

            So I say Belovéd Children,
            gird your belts.
            Be sure of your faith.
            Be sure of your trust in
            Me.  Let your confidence
            not fail you when you
            are tested.  Be prayerful
            and Loving.  I am
            always with you, answering
            your prayers and Loving
            you BIGGLY (with BIGNESS).

            Children, be sure, for
            this will come to pass. A
            great darkness spreads.
            Have faith in your
            Lord God.  I do not
            fail My Belovéd Children
            who Love Me.

            Darkness spreads and
            the heaviness or load
            of perpetual sadness shall
            land upon many of
            My Prayerful and Belovéd.
            Know this to be true.
            Those who suffer in
            My Name will have
            special or unique chairs or
            “peaces” in the Kingdom of

Belovéd Children, do not be afraid.
Take advantage of the strength and succor you receive 
and the Communion with the Christ at your partaking of the Eucharist.

There is no greater blessing.               
[There must be extreme reverence…it is so beautiful.]
Know this to be true.
The host is Life.
It is the Life of Man.
Do not take this for granted, for soon you shall starve for it.

Belovéd Children, continue to pray greatly.
…  the (Blessed) Queen,  Mother (of God)
specially requests many prayers on the Rosary.    
[This was a strong request…like she was begging.]

Pray, My Belovéds, 
for with prayer, I hear each one, 

and your prayer is a powerful thing.

Rest, My Belovéd Children.
Rest and pray.