The Holy Guide

By Linda


Thursday, January 29, 2015 5:19 – 5:57 pm

Belovéd Children, sin no more, 
for your sins are great.

Tobit.      [I don’t know where "Tobit" came from except that it did, so there it is.]

If you could only see and know the Eternal Damage that you do 
when you turn away from your Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Know the peace of My Love, My Children.
Do not turn away from My Love.
You risk everything in so doing 
and I weep such tears of bitterness and sorrow 
to have even one Child turn your Heart away from Me.

Do you not know how I long for you?
Do you not see the Glory of My Love in the eyes of the devout?
Can you not sense the pure Holiness, Blessédness, Holy Joy of the Guide who I send
to lead you to the Light of My Love, to your Most Treasured Christ?

Belovéd Children, you cannot make folly of these Times in which you live.
You live in Times of great sin.

My Angels turn away in great shock or are deeply appalled.
The whole of Heaven is confused by your un-Love for your Most Loving God.
How can My Belovéd Children not Love the One who Loves them more than they can comprehend.

Oh Belovéd Children, do not be swayed or distracted by that which is temporal, 
those baubles or gifts or Worldly toys that take you away from Me.

Do not be restrained by those who would pull you away from your Lord God 
and from the One who has Redeemed you by Death.

Look to your souls, Children.
Yours is yours 
and your Brother’s is your Brother’s.

Do not be a burden to your Brothers or Sisters, 
but be a Light for their souls.

You must know the Light of Life and the Fullest Glory of the Christ.
You must absolutely worship and adore your Lord Christ 
before you can be a clear Light for others.

You must know your Lord God and Father before you speak to your Brothers and Sisters of Sin.
Know what the Lord God accepts.
Know what I do not accept.
Know what it is that I reject.

Know those things that profoundly affect Me and bring bitter tears to My Holy Eyes.
Know that which brings Me Greatest Joy!
Know what I Love fully and spread it thoroughly.

See to yourselves, Belovéd Children, 
for no one is perfect but the Lord Christ.
The Divine.

Both Divinity as Man and Divinity in Spirit.

            Belovéd Children, profound things or events or actions come.
            Look to the West for noise 
            and to the North for darkness 
            and to the South for the Cross of Light 
            and the East for the Hand of God.
            Do you not see the frivolousness or the uselessness 
            of your Worldly arguments?
            The World is no closer to an authority (a power) of the Heavens 
            than a grain of sand is to the size of a mountain.
            Belovéd Children, you are blind and cannot see.
            You are deaf and cannot hear.
            Know this to be true.
            Soon your eyes shall be open to the Greatest Love of Light.
            You shall have a clarity of grace 
            and your blindness will be healed 
            like mud has been washed off from over your eyes.
            And you shall be made to hear 
            and the sounds you hear will be 
            beautiful beyond words 
            and there will be released unto you, 
            more clarity or enlightenment that shall give you 
            the right or knowledge to Glorify My Name or the desire 
            to finally worship your Lord God and Father as you might.

Belovéd Children, know this to be true.
It is not folly but a Blesséd opportunity.
I cannot bear to see One Child lost.

I am your Loving Father and I Love My Belovéd Children so deeply and without reserve.
You do not fathom the strength or calibre of My Love.
It is Eternal, Heavenly, Divine, and Holy, Sacred.

You cannot compare the Love of the Creator with any other.
It is an impossibility.
Thus, I say, trust in the Love of your Lord God as you do a good parent.

Belovéd Children, will yourself away from sins and darkness.
Bring yourself to Me, for Love waits and Longs for you.
I thirst for your Love.
Do not turn your back on your God who Loves you.

Children, walk away from all darknesses.
Listen to the call of the Sacred and Holy Spirit who calls to each of you 
when darkness is near and sin presents itself before you.

Abide by the guidance of the Spirit who is sent for Love from Love.

Belovéd Children, seek out Love 
and the Spirit answers with Loving guidance.
He goes before you guiding your Heart 
and so I say, listen to His guidance or counsel and do not sin.

Belovéd Children, this unholy World that I Love is steeped in sin.
Yet still your Blesséd Father Loves you.
Turn to Me and find Light.
Find the Light of Love shining forth to greet you.

Belovéd Children, do not wait.
Do not pick sweet berries straight from the painful thistles, 
but wait until the sweet fruits are away from danger and on the ground, 
away from the thorns of the plant.

So I say, avoid the thistles of the hare by your prayer 
and Loving tenderness and fervent relationship with Me, that is sweet 
and the hare is less painful in its presence.

Belovéd Children, soon you shall have clear proof of the Glory of your King of Heaven.
Soon you shall know who reigns in Heaven and who reigns on Earth.

Your eyes will be opened.
Your ears will hear.
Then will your Hearts be opened if you choose to Love.

Belovéd Children, there is time to pray.
I bid you thus to pray with all of your Hearts to the core or kernels of your souls, 
for your Good Lord Loves you and gives you many Blessings this day.

Belovéd Children, have peace and know My Love for you is Eternal.

Pray, Belovéd Children.
Pray.  Pray.