You Can't Cherish Two Masters

By Linda

April 12, 2016


Tuesday, April 12, 2016 3:08 – 3:53 pm
Belovéd Child, do not abandon your Father who Loves you most graciously, with the affection of the universe or a universe of affection.  You are bound to Me by Love and I long for your voice and prayers to resonate in My Ears.  Do not abandon Me, your Lord God and Father.  You are precious, so precious to Me and I yearn for the constancy of your Love. Wandering Child, you cannot wander from your Loving Father and be protected.  You must be with Me and abide by My Great Love for you.
My Mercy for My Children is endless and given most freely, with abundant Love and joy.  My Mercy is for you to take.  Come to Me in sorrow, in repentance and it is yours.  How I Long to give you My Great Mercy.  I Long for this as I long for your enduring Love.
Belovéd Children, the Time comes soon when the World shall see for its faithless self the Glory of My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  His Glory shall spread or shine throughout the World and My Children shall come to Me as one.  My Children must see to know, and how this breaks My Loving Heart.  Your faith is so wanting, and how I have longed for each of you to turn to Me on your own trust and Love for your Lord God.  But in this age of wickedness and sin, My Belovéd Children distrust and burn with the anger of hatred.  So shall My Belovéd Children have their sign, though it insults My Tender Heart, I give this to you that My Children turn to Me in sorrow or apology or remorse and grow in their faith in and Love for My Belovéd Son, the Christ who has redeemed this World.
Oh, unholy Children, would you not come to the One who Loves you so eagerly and so thoroughly?  Why will you plague yourselves by the burdens of this World when My Love carries you and leads you to an Everlasting Life that cannot be explained but experienced?  If you had but one inkling, one small grain of a hint of the meaning, the situationor circumstance of Eternal Life,  [This was difficult to grasp – like everlasting life can’t described as a “place” – there was no proper word.]  surely your Worldly struggles would fall away to nothings or that which is inconsequential.  For your eyes would look towards the heavens and long to be with Me, knowing the great graces of eternal Life and the holy joy inherent to it.
Belovéd Children, you choose to keep a rough rock close to your breast when I offer your Hearts a chest of gold.  You drink so greedily from a cup of vinegar when I offer to pour you the most magnificent of wines, sweetened by the honey of My Enduring Love.  Belovéd but faithless Children, you concern yourselves more with the fate of one day without a thought towards the Eternal.  My Foolish and unwise Children, I Love you so and call to you that you might know the path to Me.  That you too join Me in Eternal Life.  Yet you long for what is frivolous and that which glorifies you by the standard of this World.
Belovéd Children, do not be misled by the guiles and worthless baubles of this World.  Worldly wealth is a fleeting pleasure, and what shall you do later when the price you pay is heavy with pain and you are unused to labor and grief?  I ask My Children to come to Me with your Love and trust.  Turn to and Love My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who seeks to salve the wounds of Mankind.
Belovéd Children who have endured ridicule and transgressions by the mouths and hands of Man in My Name shall know great graces.  Do not despair, but face gladly the antagony of the faithless, for the gifts you earn in Heaven for your Love of Me will fill your Hearts with such thankfulness that you will wish to have faced more treachery in My Name.  Do not despair, but know My Eyes look so fondly upon you and the Hand of Love warms your Hearts by its embrace.
My Belovéd and bewildered Children, do not use this World to measure what you do not yet understand or know.  It falls so short and by its great inferiority, it leads you to wrong and suffering or sufferable conclusions.  I am the Lord God and there is no equal.  I Am and will always be and have always become.  Do not measure what you cannot know, Belovéd Children.  Know and believe with ALL of your Hearts that I am Love and that My Love for you is vaster than the skies above the deserts and grander than the highest mountains you see, and more devoted than the most devoted mother, and bound with a joy (that) you receive glimpses of but only glimpses.  For the Spirit graces this World with these Holy Glimpses of Eternal Joy and so many of My Children do not see or do not care.
Woe are the Children who deny Me still, even as they are given great signs of My Love and Eternal Power, Holiness, Grandness [this was too big and bright to see or explain – think BIG I am the One true God.  Love My Son and you Love the Father.  Those who My Son Loves and approves shall be welcomed joyfully, fully, through the doors of Heaven.  Yet, those who will scorn the Lord Christ with hatred or lucidity or by shaming Him or dismissing Him will rue the light of those days that brought them to their eternal misery.
Belovéd Children, My Love is in every shaft of sunlight and in every breeze that cools the earth.  Know that all things of the earth are My Treasured gifts to Man.  Belovéd Children, I am a just Lord and Loving Father.  Just as a Lord will not abide by abuse or untruth, or the Loving Father must discipline His errant Children.  Belovéd Children, there is glory in this World because there is Love and Mercy flowing through My Children for on another.  Yet so much is still darkness.  Know your ardent prayers convert this World and mitigate the labor pains of the consequences of sin.
Children, do not believe you can cherish and follow two masters.  I am a jealous Lord and want your fidelity and Love for Myself.  You cannot Love Me and love gold.  You cannot serve Me and serve your desire for power.  You cannot Love Me and be haughty to your brothers.  Your Love Must come to Me freely and undivided.  And why shall the God of all that is Good and Holy be equated by gold or a lust for power?  Is My Love so much more valuable than these things?  Such is the mind and Hearts of Man that you would value Me so lowly.
Belovéd Children, call to Me.  Call to Me and I answer.  Listen for My Call and My Loving blessings and answers to your prayers.  I hear each of you and take your prayers Lovingly into My Heart. Belovéd Children, know there is no greater glory and no greater sanctity than the Eucharist.  Its holiness too is debased or undervalued by Man.  Children, know and Love and respect and glorify the Eucharist, for it is the Son of God and Man, in His Great Divinity and Love for you.
Behold the Eucharist, the Son of God, and Know this Great BIG Blessing [it is like a huge explosion of greatness that we can’t figure out] will not long be easily had, and then shall the children wail for their milk and honey.  Imbibe upon the Greatest Blessing in the Eucharist. You know not the Glory of its Blessings, the bounty of blessings you receive.
Belovéd Children, I say to you, do not desire a sign to maintain your faith in Me but look with great sorrow upon those who do and pray to Me with Love and contrition in your Hearts.  I am with you always and bind Myself to those who pray so solemnly and fixedly.  Belovéd Children, My Desire is to give you good gifts.  Believe in Me.  Trust in Me and know the inner peace I give to you.  I am made glad by your prayers and answer each to the Glory of My Will.  Trust in the Eternal Father who Loves you perfectly.  A Good Father does not betray His Children, nor does He send them to play with vipers or starve His Belovéd Children.  The Father desires Love, trust, and respect from His Children, and how He dotes upon them all with such affection and great Love.
Long for Me, My Children, as I Long for you, and I am ever with you granting you My Peace.  Pray, Little Children and delve (into) the joy and peace of My Enduring Love.