Do Not Pass a Starving Brother

By Linda

February 16, 2016


Belovéd Children, the multitudes come.  Seek (search?) your Hearts and greet them with the Glory and Power of My Love by your own Hearts.  I am amongst you and Lovingly call out your names.  I know My Little Children intimately, and I say, do not fear what you fear and ask Me in all things.  I guide you rightly and give to My Belovéd Children good gifts.  The multitudes shall come and surely the poor and destitute will know My Glory.  Take your brother into your arms, My Children.  When you turn him away from greed [because of greed] or disgust or infamy, you wound the Sacred Heart of My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and who shall be amazed when the door to Mercy and solace is closed before you.  Thus, do not pass a starving brother without offering him food.  Do not pass a cold brother who shivers in the wind without giving him your cloak and stick too.  Do not fail to look into the eyes of the poor and not see the Son of Man waiting for your Heart to Glorify Him by your Love.
You can be wealthy with My Grace.  You do not understand the greatest wealthy when you do not know Me.  I am the only wealth you need.  My Love for you is limitless.  Your gold here is only finite.  My Love is beyond worth or beyond our concept of worth.  Your gold does not compare to the wealth of My Love.  Thus I say, do not love the wealth of gold.  Rather, Love the wealth of Love.
Beautiful Children, I long for each of you.  My Son beckons to you with His aching and Most Sacred Heart.  Find Mercy in His Death, Belovéd Children.  Do not abandon the Christ when you are at the hour of most need.  His Gift is a Divine thing and My Children do not fathom the Divinity and BIGNESS of the gift He grants you.  He longs to bring you His Solace and Peace.  He longs for your Hearts.
My Belovéd Children, give to Me enduring Hearts.  Do not be lukewarm in your Love for Me.  Do not divide your attention for Me with the unnecessary condiments of this World.  For I am the Lord God and My Word is My Son and My Word has been given to this World.  My Children cannot Love Me and Love what is transitory in this World, and know that all things of this World are transitory.  You cannot find value in any thing in this World except the Love of Man and My Love for you.
Belovéd Children, worship and tend to the Christ at His Beauteous feet.  Cleanse your Hearts by His Love and return His Great Love with adulation and adoration and Love.  For Christ is the Son of God or My Son.  To dismiss the Son is to dismiss the Father.  When you Love the Son, you Love the Father, and which of you can lay claim to perfection thus?
I am the Lord God and Father.  I request your prayers for peace in this tumbling World.  Be wise and wake to the essence of My Love.  It is pure and Glorious and Most Holy.  Respect your Lord God and Eternal Parent.  You cannot pretend at Love, for I see into your Hearts.  You cannot give to Me only half of your Hearts.  It is a grave sin to dismiss the Lord God as you would a Servant.  The whole of Heaven shouts out in dismay and weeps for My Belovéd Children who march towards the enemy with such passion and fearlessness.  Belovéd Children, hell is real, as is the Kingdom of Heaven.  You cannot play with or make folly of Eternity when you do not fathom its recourse.  Would you buy a horse before watching it run?  Would you buy an acre of land without viewing its pasture?
Do not forsake Me, My Children.  Do not deny the Christ your Love.  Do not keep you Love from Me.  Instead, bring your Love to Me.  Seek My Compassion and Mercy.  Each one of you is a sinner, and I give you divine graces and mercy if you will but come to Me.  I seek your Love as you should seek My Bountiful Mercy.  My Heart is open to your every adoration, and yet so many of My Children are mute.
Oh, Children, do you not see the darknesses that lay waste to the Children of this World?  Do you not understand My anxiety for you?  Belovéd Children, you cannot understand the Light until you are steeped in darkness.  Then shall you cry out to Me for the Light of this World.  You cannot live a joyous life without Me.  Do not seek the darkness, but seek the Divine Light of My Son who is Mercy and Love at once.
Belovéd Children, mark the day and I will show the World the Glory of a King on High.  Man shall weep at the wonder of My Glory and animals shall fall down upon the grounds before you and all such splendors will blind the whole of Humanity that those who do not believe will believe, and those who are blind will see.  Vast is the pain of fire cleansing irons.  No man will sustain Himself by this World.  Man will only live by My Glory.  Turn to Me, Belovéd Children, and know that I am a harsh judge and a Loving Father.  Which do you long to see when your time comes?
The gates of the North and East swing open and the dragons within who are red or dressed in red come flying out like great birds on fire.  The whole of the land(s) rolls under their touch and the mountains crumble in their presence.  Do not be fooled by their beauty and charm.  These will hurt my Children and taint you by your curiosity and wealth.  Stay far from the dragons who fly beyond this World.  The maws open wide and the blackness within them will devour My Belovéd Children.  Stand firm in your Love and Faith for Me and My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  You do not fear that which is against you, for I am with you and by your prayers you are made full.
Pray, My Children.  Pray and partake of the Saving Eucharist.  It is the BIGGEST of all BIG gifts.  You do not fathom the gifts and graces you receive by it.  Know Belovéd Children, that time is short and the kingdom comes.  The knock will sound at the door.  The earth shall rumble in reply.  The skies will grow black, as black as on the day of Christ’s Glory and death as Man, and surely you shall know the Lord God is King of the Eternal and of this kindly World.

Belovéd Children, pray in all things.  I guide you and provide you My Belovéd direction.  Do not fight your Loving Father.  Instead, trust in Me and in My Love for you.  You are My Belovéd Children and the Father protects His Children fiercely from His foes.  Belovéd Children, do not be afraid, for I am for you as you are for Me.  Pray, Belovéd Children.  Love, My Belovéd Children.  Do not turn your brothers away.  Pray.