I Dread to Relinquish Any Soul

By Linda

February 19, 2016

 see.  Jesus, You suffered for us, but You also experienced things that we are subjected to.  I know You know who I’ve held yucky grudges for, and You asked me to forgive them.  I see.  It’s not just so we can have mercy (I think).  It’s also because it’s the least I can do.  You forgave Judas who turned You in.  You forgave Peter for being a chicken and You forgave the people who tortured and killed You.  So when you ask us to forgive someone for lying to us or not inviting us to a birthday party or not saying hello or for saying something we disagree with, we should think of what You forgave and how tough THAT would be for us and then let it go.  You’ve never asked us to do anything You didn’t already do.

3:18 pm
Belovéd Children, I am your Merciful and Belovéd Lord God.  I am for you as you are for Me.  Tend to Me faithfully and I shall tend to you like a good parent dotes upon a child.  Belovéd Children, you are Mine as I am yours.  Cherish the Mercy you are offered and given.  Your eyes need only once look to Heaven in sorrow and repentance and My Mercy is yours.  You need only cry out to Me once, and My Mercy and forgiveness are yours.  I will pluck the most grievous of sinners and bring you to My Loving Breast.  For you are the Children I long for and I Love you.
Belovéd Children, do not wait, but come to Me with all of your troubles and hurts and worries and concerns.  Pray to your Lord God and Father, and surely I shall answer you with Great Love and affection.  Oh, Children of this tainted and sin-filled World, you must cease bring your Father such grief.  You must face your sins with clean eyes and know these things are not of Me.  I will cleanse you of these iniquities and Love you still.  Repent, My Belovéds.  Grasp that your Time is so very near, and I dread or it makes Me ill to relinquish any soul to the dark one.  Come to Me, Children of this World.  Submit yourselves to Me and know Love, peace, and forgiveness of sins.
Know this, My Belovéd Children.  So many of you have bewildered My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ.  He is bewildered by your sins against Him and the affection that you lack for His Most Loving and Sacred Heart.   [The feeling is very heavy sadness…BIG sadness]  He cherishes each of you and longs for you to share everlasting Life with Love.  Why do you bring the God of Man such pain?  Why do you turn your face away from what is so Blesséd and Good and instead offer your endangered Hearts to those who would submit you to evil and an Eternity of hell?  Choose the path of the One True God, the path of the Christ Jesus who seeks your Love.  He offers solace and forgiveness to those who will turn to Him.
Oh, Belovéd Children, the gift of Mercy is an unfathomable one.  [Unfathomable is not a big enough word to define how BIG the gift of mercy is…]  You do not see this, for you are all still such little and precious things.  If you but understood a fraction of Eternity, you would fall to your knees by the Christ and weep for your lost years of (for)worship and beg for the Mercy of the Christ until you are called to judgment.  You are not given such sight or discernment because to believe in Me is faith.  To choose Me is a gift because you offer your Loving Lord your own untethered Love freely.  I am not an intrusive God, and I long for My Children to choose Me over the transitory and dangerous issue of this World.
My Belovéd Children, you are only saved by your Love of My Most Belovéd and Beatific Son, the Christ.  Keep Him always foremost in your minds and Hearts.  Do not stand to hear His Sacred Name soiled on the lips of Mankind, but honor Him with your Love and offer Love to those who offend Him so that they too will understand the Love of the Christ for each of them and cease offending the God of earth.  He is My Son.  Bade Him all that is worshipful, blesséd, and Loving.  How We long for your Love.
Belovéd Children, do not wait but turn to Me now.  Turn others to Me and My forgiveness.  Man cannot pass to the gates of Heaven without the Glorification and Love of My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  I am appalled by the multitude of sin and call on you to pray for your brothers and sisters who offend Me so deeply.  Pray for them with full and Loving Hearts, for truly their Souls are in danger.
Belovéd Children, be patient and pray.  I am your Good and Mighty Father.  I stand guard over you and breathe My Love and joy onto you.  Why do you let your Hearts cringe in fear by this World that is only transitory?  Do you not see that I am the Lord God and Might and Holy Planner of your Lives?  I look to each of your needs and dole out or provide you sustenance without fail.  If you would but trust in Me and hold all of your earthly efforts for Loving Me and Loving your brothers and sisters.
Belovéd Children, pray.  For Mercy is yours for the asking.  Pray, and I shall mitigate the power of storms and the destruction of mountains.  Woe are they who are in the paths of the earth’s labor pains, and who do not pray.  Boulders will skip over or (fall) around the homes or bodies of the prayerful but will crush those who will not know Me.  Woe to those who will not pray and deny Me despite My Great Love for them.  The fires of the skies shall rain down upon their heads and set fire to their homes, and they shall know their mistake.
Belovéd Children, Love Me, your Lord God and Father.  Pray, and Love your sisters and brothers.  Forgive where orwhen it is necessary and do not believe your Mercy and charity go unnoticed by your Lord God.  Do not be a trumpet to your good deeds but rest assured in your Heart that you have followed the path of the Christ and have brought gladness and joy to your Lord God and Father.
Pray, Belovéd Children, and further increase your spiritual strength and Love by partaking in the Most Cherished Holy of Holies.  You cannot know the blessings or spiritual BIGNESS of the Blesséd Eucharist.  You are in complete Communion with the Christ and the whole of Heaven bends down on their knees to worship the Christ.  Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace.  Belovéd Children, pray.  Belovéd Children, you are My very cherished Children.