My Will is Just and Good

By Linda

February 24, 2016


Wednesday, February 24, 2016 1:55 - 2:32 pm 
Belovéd Children, do not displease Me by your silences.  More than all else, I want your Love.  When you are with Me, you are in the Hands of the Holy One.  I am forever with you and My Love for you is so great.
Belovéd Children, you are so small and Eternal things bewilder you as they must or should.  You are My Belovéds.  You cannot fathom your smallness as you can not fathom My Love for you or My Great Divinity.  Children, do not play withor in the things that are not yours to have or know.  It is by My Loving Will that you are made full of knowledge.  Do not worry so about those things you do not understand or know.  I am the Lord God and My Plans or Will for you is good and Blesséd.
Little Children, you must pray.  You must thread the needle of forgiveness and know I shall produce your garment with all of My Love and Mercy.  All of My Love is yours to have and I long for your reciprocity.  Know this to be true.  All of the dragons within this World are like dust to Me.  They can neither touch Me nor harm those I Love so dearly.  They will not look upon My Face to behold My Great Glory, nor shall they live in Eternal Love and repose.  Do not fear but pray, My Belovéd Little Children.  Trust in Me, your Lord God who watches over you like a Loving Father, for that is what I am.  Your Loving Father and Lord God who gives you graces and good gifts.
Belovéd Children, what must I say to you to bring your Love to Me.  You know that I will answer all of your prayers.  I will dote upon you like a Loving Father.  I will take you up in My Gracious and Loving Arms and grant you all Mercies by My Son, the Christ’s Redemption.  Therefore, why do you doubt Me?  Why do you doubt that I shall answer your every prayer and long for your every word and crave your Love so entirely?  Belovéd Children, be like children, My Little Flowers, so beautiful and innocent, trusting in Me as they do.  Trust in Me, for I am the Lord God and Father and My Will for you is just and good.
Belovéd Children, you have said to Me, I suffer.  Ye Little Children of such big pride.  You have not suffered the Death of Redemption and Mercy.  For My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, has submitted Himself to the agonies of Man and the pains of torture and the atrocities of hate.  Suffer in His Name and I see your suffering.  The lowly and the suffering shall live Eternal Life.  Do not fear or fret in this transitory World, but place your eyes upon Heaven and what awaits you.
Belovéd Children, do not pretend at Love for Me.  I call to you daily and long for your Love.  Give this to Me freely as I give you My Mercy and Love.  Oh Children, your Time comes and those who Love you thus grow so weary of waiting for you to turn to My Love.  Your ever Eternal Mother comes to Me in your name and begs for Mercy, for those who will not know Me, for time and mitigations that more souls shall be Mine and not subjected to the fallen one.  How She Loves each of you nearly as much as your Father and His Most Belovéd Son.  She prays to mitigate the rumblings of this World and sees or knows the offenses that trouble Me so deeply.  How She Loves Man and seeks for your goodness.
Belovéd Children, you do not understand those Holy and High things.  You cannot, for you are My Little Children, and what Child is given the knowledge of their Parent?  What Child understands the actions and will of his Parent?  You cannot know My Will until I have placed it before you with Great Love.  Thus, cease your pridefulness and turn to Me as Children do to their Loving Father.  Trust in Me as a Child trusts.  Look to Me in all things.  Ask for My Guidance and it is yours.  Trust in My Guidance for you and know that it is good even when you do not know or understand.
Belovéd Children, Love and worship the Christ who is Mighty and Belovéd.  He is My Most Belovéd Son, and I long to see Him risen high in your Hearts.  Place Him and His Love foremost in your Hearts and walk in His Path.  Thus do you come to Me through My Belovéd Son.
Belovéd Children, this World is on the cusp of utter peril.  Do not lay waste to the Great Gifts of Love and Mercy I give to you.  You do not turn away from a great feast.  You do not look away from a beauteous sight.  You do not reject a gift of gold.  Why then do you reject and look away from and turn down the Gift of Love and Eternal Life from your Most Holy and Mighty God?  I ask you this, My Children, that you will consider well or closely or deeply the state of your Souls, your Hearts, and the Hearts within this World.  Rectify what is missing by your utter devotions to My Son and with constant prayers.
Belovéd Children, I wait with bended ear to hear your prayers spill forth from your lips like honey.  They are songs to My Holy Ears.  Children, I am ever with you.  Choose Me always.  There will always be the Worldly workings to endureor make or do, but always, place Me first.  Do not embark upon those things that you know will displease Me.  You must do your work in this life.  You must Love and walk upon the grounds of this World.  Thus, I say, be cautious of where you walk in this World.  Not all ground is safe or clean.  Do not undertake the work that is not yours to do or that which you know will displease Me.  Trust in the Spirit to guide you in these things.  Where you shall step, how you shall work, where you shall breathe air, and whom you must take (your) shelter from. [avoid]  Prayer leads to enlightenment orunderstanding or discernment of My Guide or Guidance.  Listen to your Lord God who guides and protects you.
My Heart is ever yours.  Turn to Me for Love and Compassion.  I will grant you great Mercies, those which are unfathomable to you now but which are so very crucial within Eternal Life.  Thus, I say, do not reject these gifts but take them humbly and with great humility.  They are won by the death of My Belovéd Son and by His Great Love for each of you.  Know this, you are each extremely precious to Me.  You can do nothing to change My Love for you.  Only you can reject My Love.  Take this to Heart, My Weary Children and trust in Me always.
Belovéd Children, I give My Peace to you.  Rest and pray and be consoled by your prayers, for they are surely answered by the Father on High who Loves you.  Peace, My Children.  Pray and have My Peace.