Choose Me & Pray

By Linda

December 30, 2015

PictureThis is my prayer for snow in NY :-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 3:30 – 4:06 pm
Pray, Belovéd Children.  What more must I say, but pray.  Have faith in the power of your prayers, for you are My Belovéd Children and I shall do great wonders or miracles for you to Glorify My Name.  Belovéd Children, you must pray.  I hear all prayers and answer them rightly according to My Will.  Do not interpret, that is for Me to say, and only Me. [in other words, He’s in control]  You are My Belovéd Children and a parent Loves His Children and does not allow them into the conversations of their parent.
Belovéd Children, yes, it comes.  And I have said, pray.  You are My Belovéd Children, and yet you do not listen to your Heavenly Parent even as I admonish you.  Belovéd Children, I long for you and know every inch of your Hearts.  You are meant for Me.  You are meant for holiness.  Do not deign to bring the unholy before My Eyes but cleanse yourselves of your iniquities that you may come into the Light of My Eyes.  Forgive as you would have Me forgive.  Love as you would have Me (to) Love.  You must be attentive, My Children.  Do not make folly of your time.
Belovéd Children, be wary for your Souls and let not the temporal sway you from your path with Me.  Love your Sisters and Brothers.  Bring them to the Love and protection of My Arms as you would pull them from fire.  I am the Lord God and I say, do not believe that I do not exist.  Do not turn your backs on Me, oh Children of this World.
I weep.  When I ask you to pray, you reject Me instead.  When I long for your Love, you Love what is evil instead.  When I tell you to be wary and do not be frivolous with your time, you ignore My Words and heed the advice of those who do not know or the unwise.  Would you eat the stones on your right if there is a feast on your left?  Belovéd Children, this is what you do.  You consume the bitterness and hardness of stones and forsake the Beauteous feast I offer to each of you.  And when you have finished consuming all of these stones, you are left with nothing but illness to the utter detriment of your bodies.
Oh Children, the state of this World is woeful and yet despite the torture I endure or the torment I endure, I Love you so dearly, so faithfully.  Return My Love and affection, My Children.  My Love for you is BIG.  You cannot fathom it.  One glimpse is not enough to carry you through your lifetimes now.  [like, we are fickle – our attention is short]  You are dissatisfied by the gifts I have given you.  What will you do if they are taken away again.  
Belovéd Children, My Son longs for your Love.  He has Sacrificed Himself upon the ramparts of Humanity to save each of you, and yet you do not respond.  You do not see His Glory nor do you thank Him for His GREATEST Sacrifice.  He saves you by His Death, and now you are invited to have new Life in the Eternal Light of Heaven.  Thus, I ask, why do My Belovéd Children reject the Son of God?  Why do you reject His Precious gift of New Life.  If you were to gather all of the golds and gemstones in this World into your hands and the lands and oceans too, still you would (not) touch the Glory and riches that await for you in My Heavenly Kingdom.
My Love for you does not end.  It is Eternal and magnificent BIG.  Love Me, Children.  Pray and ask for My Forgiveness.  I am perpetually ready to give you My Holy Compassion.  I long for your call of repentance that I might forgive your Hearts and save them from Eternal treachery.  
Belovéd Children, you are seeing glimpses of the badness of hell.  You cannot guess at the horrors Souls endure when they fall away from Me.  Shy away from darknesses, My Loves, and come to Me, your Lord God and Father.  Take the Hand of My Belovéd Son, the Christ who longs to save you.  He longs to set your Hearts afire with His Great Love for you.  Consider deeply the Sacrifice He has made to redeem the whole of Mankind.  Give thanks for His Love and Eternal comfort.  Thank Him worshipfully for His undying Mercies and pray for forgiveness.
The tears My Son weeps are bitter to Me.  The whole of Heaven weeps to lose a single Soul, for you are each soundly important or HUGELY significant to Me.  I have created each of you specially and I Love what I create.  I do not reject that which I have created.  Belovéd Children, do not reject your Creator.  Do not reject your Lord God who Loves you minutely.  There is no part of you with which I am not familiar.  I created you.  I counted your Heartbeats and entered your troubles and joys within My Heart, that you might not enjoy or bear them alone.
Open your Heart to Me that I may pour Myself, My Love into you.  There is no room for Me when your eyes are cast to the World.  Belovéd Children, keep your eyes always on the Cross and worship My Belovéd Son adoringly and with deepest Love.  I am the Lord God and Father.  He that comes through My Son is Belovéd to Me.  And if one rejects My Belovéd Son and turns His Sacred Heart away, it is a weary [like, too many people do this] and evil sin.  Do not reject the Christ.  You know not the graveness of this sin.  
Instead, My Children, take solace and joy and nourishment, Most Holy nourishment, from the AMAZING Eucharist.  Its blessings are unfathomable to you because your Hearts at present are so small.  Pray and discern and understand the graces and GREAT Blessings you receive when you receive and are Lovingly reverent to the Body and Blood of the Son of God and Man.
Belovéd Children, stand firm by My Love for (you) and I shall arm you to face the leviathan that seeks to pull this World down.  By your prayers, you mitigate the destruction wrought by sin.  Prayers, My Children, will stop storms and command the seas to calm.  Trust in Me and know that your prayers are precious to Me.  I hear you and I answer you in powerful BIG ways.  You need only seek Me out and pray.
I long for your calls and thirst for your Love.  Belovéd Children, reciprocate My Love.  Choose Me and pray.  Devote yourselves to prayer, I tell you.  When you are for Me you cannot be against Me.  I do not want the division of your Love but your entire Hearts.  Be one with Me in your prayers.  Know that I have spoken and say to you still, emphatically, pray and do not reject My Belovéd Son.  
Peace, My Children.  Peace.